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Aurora Church Pastor Delono Straham’s Mother Killed in Church Shootout and UPDATE [VIDEO]


Pastor Delono Straham

Photo courtesy of zphibzzz.org

Aurora Church Pastor Delono Straham’s Mother Shot By Gunman At Church [VIDEO]

We want to pray for the family of the Pastor Delono Straham and his congregation as they have lost his mother to a violent gun shootout at the church.

Read the story below from KDVR.com:

A pastor’s mother was shot and killed when a gunman opened fire in a Colorado church Sunday, FOX 31 reports.

Yolanda Marant, a representative for The Destiny Center, confirmed to FOX 31 that 65-year-old Josephine Eccles, the mother of the church’s pastor Delono Straham, was shot and killed when a unknown gunman entered the church and began shooting.

Marant says another person ran into the building and yelled for others to get down before the gunman entered and began firing.

Police say an off-duty police officer in the building followed the gunman outside and shot him. The gunman later died of his injuries in a local hospital.

UPDATE on 4/24/2012:

The Associate Press reports:

The pastor of Destiny Center Church, Delono Straham, said the woman killed Sunday was his mother, Josephine Echols, a nurse from Flint, Mich., who most recently had been working with dialysis patients at a local hospital. She had gone outside to see if anyone needed medical attention.
Straham said the car crashed as Sunday’s service was winding down at the church in Aurora, and a staffer ran out to see if the driver needed help. He said the driver pulled a gun on the worker but it jammed.
Straham said the gunman was able to fix it, moved toward the church and shot his mother near the entrance. She died later at a hospital.
“We’re not sure if she diverted his attention and that’s why he shot her,” Straham said Monday at the church.
Straham said the gunman went to another entrance and started to enter the church. The gunman was shot by his cousin, an off-duty Denver police officer who was attending the service. Aurora police spokesman Frank Fania declined to release the off-duty officer’s name.
Straham said he doesn’t know of any connection between the gunman and the small church, which is tucked away in an office park. The congregation is predominantly African-American, as was the gunman, who appeared to be no older than 25, Straham said. Police said the gunman didn’t appear to be targeting the congregation.
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