Trayvon Martin Song: ‘Justice (If You’re 17)’ By Wyclef Jean Deals with Stereotypes [VIDEO]

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Trayvon Martin Song: ‘Justice (If You’re 17)’ By Wyclef Jean [VIDEO]

The song and video is a pretty good portrayal of how is it out in the world. It tells a story of how many are stereotyped because of how they dress and/or perceived. Even though some say stereotypes exist and many should try to stay away from ‘looking like’ a certain group, this gives no one the right to take a life. Let’s think about how many people fit the stereotype? Do they all deserve to die or be pre-judged? Are they all criminal? It was senseless. Though we don’t know the whole story, the shooter has allegedly made every attempt possible to get away with murder, but God is in control; not the son of a judge.

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