Pastor’s Home Ransacked After Death By Church Members?

Apostle Nancy Laster Home ransacked

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Pastor’s Home Ransacked After Death By Church Members?

By AT2W Contributing Writer, Kebony Smith

The late Nancy Laster was the pastor of “Souls Harbor Destiny Center” in Ensley, AL.   According to her family members, there was much debate between some of the church members over whether the church or her family should be over her estate. When her niece was named executor of the will just two weeks ago, she came to her house only to find it in ruins. Family members say that church members are to blame. They took all of her furniture, money, jewelry, personal paper work and anything else that was of value. The family is now filing a lawsuit against the ten church members who they believe were behind this reprehensible act. Lorene Harper, a church member, said “It’s no more than a common thief to do stuff like that”.  Larry Luster, Pastor Laster’s brother, went on camera to say this “she loved everybody, she had no problem with any body, and the way they’ve done this to her is a darn shame”. I pray that God would bring conviction to all those who stole and healing to the family and remaining church members.


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