Jury Hears How Carlotta Brett Pierce Murdered Her 4-Year-Old Daughter: Why Do Some Black Women Hate Their Own Daughters?

This is a very sad case that involved a little girl who was murdered by her mother.  Just look at that adorable face in the above photo.  Who could hurt such an innocent child like Marchella Brett Pierce?  You know, it is not just the black men whom are responsible for neglecting and rejecting their black children.  In this era, we see many black women neglecting, rejecting and harming their children, sometimes much worse than black fathers.   In order for black men to respect black women as a whole, there needs to be more black women seeing their own flaws and being willing to change themselves, because it hurts to hear that some of them hate their own children and specifically, their own daughters.  Marchella was starved, beaten, drugged and tied to a bed by her mother, allegedly.  That is so similar to how our ancestors were mistreated in the days of slavery.  Why do many of our black men and black women mistreat their own little girls and boys?  Children are innocent and they did not ask to come into this world.   Marchella did not ask to be born.  Therefore, she did not deserve to die in the hand…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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