Raquel Nelson, Cobb Mother Asks Court to Drop Charges in Son’s Jaywalking Death: Shouldn’t The Driver Been Charged?

In this case of Raquel Nelson being charged for her son’s death, we feel it is very unfair.  We agree the charges should be dropped.  No, none of us should be jaywalking and we would advise pedestrians to please be careful when crossing the street, if you decide not to cross at the light.  However, how many people jaywalk and have been jaywalking for many years?   All drivers should watch what they are doing while driving and in this specific case of this dear mother and her child, a life should not have been taken away due to the lack of responsibility of the driver.  You ever hear the law that says, pedestrians are right, no matter what?   Maybe, it is different in Marietta, Georgia, if so, they need to change the law and look into charging this driver with vehicular homicide.

It is only fair that the charges be dropped against Raquel Nelson, because it is bad enough she is mourning for…Read full article, here.

Source: Souls of Black Women

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:  MyFOXAtlanta.com

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