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Is Oprah Trying To Get Christian Megachurch Pastors To Agree With Her ‘Many Ways To Jesus’ Ideology?

Oprah's Next Chapter

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Is Oprah Trying To Get Christian Megachurch Pastors To Agree With Her ‘Many Ways To Jesus’ Ideology?

We have been alerted to some interesting things going on with Oprah’s Next Chapter interviews. Since Oprah has made way to interview a couple of heavy hitting megachurch pastors like Pastor Joel Osteen and Bishop T.D. Jakes, we are seeing some kind of pattern going on.

We have been studying her interviews, especially with church pastors because it is important what is discussed in these interviews. We feel people need to analyze them because many people follow some of these pastors and you need to know what they say they believe in the church setting and what they say they believe in front of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. Unfortunately, the dynamics of who you believe this pastor is may change drastically if they are in the presence of super stardom and celebrity status folk.

Now, grant it, there are people who say: “who wouldn’t want to be interviewed but Oprah?” People are still finding her as their way to super stardom or to get even more exposure. But in this case, we feel like these interviews are:

  1. To boost the ratings for her OWN network by tapping into the church world, which is an obvious one).
  2. A platform to dig into some deeper spiritual issues which intrigues the interest of the church-going community, especially the black community.
  3. An avenue to possibly and allegedly coerce Christian pastors into some other beliefs.

In our opinion, we can see that something is being done to test Christian pastors when they agree to be interviewed. This is our opinion and we could be wrong but lets see if you feel what we do.

In our article, Remembering: Oprah’s Sunday Brunch with Gospel Artists and Hollywood Singers,  we discussed how we felt when she hosted her Sunday Gospel brunch that it was an avenue to inspire and derail viewers from thinking she was against Jesus, which we will get to later.

In that article we stated:

“…we don’t know Oprah’s intentions anymore than receiving great reviews and this time intimately and spiritually uplifting people into thinking she is a Christian and knows Jesus for herself. Well we aren’t very sure about that because years later she had a show where she rebuked Jesus. Some years ago in March 2008, Oprah had on some experts about what God meant to people and after agreeing with the expert, she states: “One of the mistakes that human beings make is believing that there is only one way to live”. But when one or two guests go against her denial of ‘Jesus being the way’, she curtly cuts them off and states: “What about Jesus?!?… There couldn’t possibly be but one way.”

So then Oprah completes her doctrine with “God is a feeling experience not a believing experience, if your religion is a believing experience, if God for you is still about a belief, then it’s not truly God.”

You can see just how disturbing those statements are. Now, we have set the pace for what we will be discussing.

Oprah interviews Joel Osteen

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When Oprah interviewed Pastor Joel Osteen of Houston’s Lakewood Church, we found some interesting things being discussed. If you have followed Joel Osteen or our blog, you’d know that he very often appears to ‘powder puff’ his way in interviews. He’s not very clear on his stance on many things except that he wants to inspire and encourage people, which sometimes seems like that is the importance of his ministry not Jesus. In his interview with Oprah, it was pretty much the same scenario. The only thing we feel he stood by was that the bible says homosexuality is a sin but he also believes he would officiate a gay marriage one day. Pretty twisted, if you ask us.

The point we want to make is: Since Oprah has control over the interview, she has added some personal effects to the dynamics of the interview. Just as we mentioned that Oprah believes that there is ‘more than one way to Jesus’, she uses this interview to address it again. Keep in mind that Oprah discussed this heavily on an episode on her Oprah show years ago. She actually explores that question with Joel Osteen: “Are there many ways to Jesus or just one way? or Are there many paths to get to the one god?”

Since you already know how Joel Osteen would react to these questions, we are going to let you see what he had to say anyway:

“I believe Jesus is the way to the One God but I believe there are many paths to Jesus. You don’t know how Jesus would reveal himself to somebody. I’m not into excluding people. Jesus can reveal himself to anybody…”

When asked if gay people are included he says.. “Absolutely”.. and agrees with Oprah that a gay person will be accepted into heaven. But he tries to clean it by stating: “you have to have forgiveness for your sins”. So which on is it, Joel?

Will God accept gays into heaven or you have to be forgiven for your sins? He then goes on to say indefinitely that the bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin.

Can we give Joel Osteen some credit or was he wishy-washy? Did he powder puff his way through that one? Well, its clear how he handles interviews but look at how Oprah is handling it too. She seems to want to know how some Christian pastors feel about people’s path to God. Why is this so important to her?

Here’s the video to this one if you are interested in hearing Pastor Osteen’s response:

Now, we have Bishop T.D. Jakes and his recent interview with Oprah that aired on Easter Sunday. So we watched it and wanted to know what kind of questions were to be asked of Bishop Jakes and how, in fact, would he address them. Well, low and behold, it certainly appears to be to us that Oprah is on a mission to see who agrees with her ide0logy of God and how we actually get to Him.

oprah at td jakes'church

Oprah, Gayle and Tyler at Potter's House- Photo courtesy of oprah.com

Bishop Jakes goes into stating that he needs to keep himself in check many times and that he does profess himself as the answer, but that God is the answer.

“I’m the mailman. I’m not the mail. Then Oprah asks her famous question: “Are there many paths or different paths to God?”

So, we held our breath; not sure how Bishop T.D. Jakes would answer this question. We know he has danced around other subjects but would he actually dance or stand firm on the truth?

First he chuckles as if he knew it was going to be asked and then says:

“First I believe, one of the great lessons we have to today is to live in a country that allows us to have various religious notions. I’m so grateful I don’t have Congress deciding what I believe… I think we all take different paths… some people find God in church, some people find God their house… some people find God in their bedroom, some people find God in prison… There may be different paths to God but at the end of the day, there is one God and one door. I believe, for the Christian, Christ is that door..”

jakes interviewed by oprah

Photo courtesy of oprah.com

Then Oprah asks:

“Are all religions leading to that path or is only Christianity leading to that path?”

Jakes responds:

“I think you can get into Christianity and miss that path if you are not careful…and those people in other religions, my prayer, my hope is that one day they do cross over… cross over and see Christ as Lord even if its at the final moment… I believe He is the door.”

So, as you can see Bishop T.D. Jakes addressed Oprah’s question in the correct manner. We have to give it to him for being real and not conforming to how ‘Oprah’ sees things but how God expects us to live. We may not agree on everything that Bishop Jakes says or does, but with the Apostolic roots he has, we hoped he would have addressed this exactly the way he did. We actually held our breathes, as we mentioned before, because it is so easy for preachers to bend their beliefs in the presence of celebrities. At least in this case, Jakes did not and good for him.

But we will be watching out for more interviews Oprah may have with other pastors and see how they handle the tough question. We have to say that it seems, in our opinion, that Oprah may be trying to get as many allies as she can on this issue for some reason. Does she feel that she needs to validate her own life or is she speaking for many, many others and just needs to know where other men and women of God stand?

Let us know what you think.

BTW, for anyone who does not know the scripture that backs up what Jakes states, here it is: “there is only ONE WAY to God the FATHER and that’s through His son Jesus Christ ( John 14:6 ). Unfortunately, Oprah’s thinking is backwards and turned around from what the bible really states.

Here’s the video if you would like to hear it for yourself how Bishop Jakes responded: