Update: Ex-Cop Martin Freeman Pleads Guilty To Assisting Illicit Injector Kimberly Smedley

This is an update, regarding Kimberly Smedley’s illegal butt injection case.  She did not commit her alleged crime alone, but she has an ex-cop, Martin Freeman who assisted her and earned $5,000 for providing security at her various sessions.  We think that it is a shame this ex-police officer would stoop so low to assist this woman in her illegal activities.  Never could we imagine a man who was supposed to be trusted to protect our society would be involved in butt injections, but it happen in this case with Smedley.  Obviously, the saying about misery loves company is accurate.  If Kimberly Smedley has been charged, she is going to drag everyone in with her to make sure…Read full article, here.
Source and Photo Courtesy: HuffingtonPost.com
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