Mother with Baby Allegedly Shot by Would-be Rapist in Detroit In Critical Condition: Is God There For Black Women While Being Raped?

When these sort of crimes happen, it sort of makes you wonder what sort of day we are living in.   What would possess a man to take a woman against her will, away from her baby and rape her?   There is a demonic issue that no longer only involves a discussion of racism, but we face such crime among our own people and there is no way to stop it, except through Jesus Christ. No longer are we marching to just be equal in society, but as black women many of us must fight off rapists while struggling to get our own race to pay attention to what is happening to our sisters.  Rape is a very serious issue and many times when black women are raped, it messes them up mentally and spiritually, not only physically.   Black women whom are raped do not always relate or communicate like average people, because their natural rights were taken away.  These sort of things many civil rights activists refrain from talking about, but the truth remains, this is one of the main reasons why the black race is divided.   Too many women are getting raped and in many cases, even in front of their children.   This unidentified mother in Detroit was just simply walking down the street with her baby in a stroller when a man snatched her and tried to rape her.  When she fought back, he shot her and now she is in critical condition.   Think about it, this mother was raped and now in the hospital, because of a rapist whom had no consideration for her nor for baby.  After black women are raped…Read full article, here.
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