Louis Farrakhan Preached ‘Jesus Was A Black Man’ At Alabama A&E University

Minister Louis Farrakhan Talks Jesus is Black and Muslim

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Louis Farrakhan Preached ‘Jesus Was A Black Man’ At Alabama University

We are pretty used to Minister Louis Farrakhan preaching on the ‘black issue’ and the ‘black struggle’. We are sure everyone that knows his name, know what he is about. So why are some so upset about his so called anti-semantic comments- namely Glenn Beck?

Now, we don’t support Farrakhan on many things but one has to know that what he states is always controversial and in some ways, can be true. There are some who can’t stand what he teaches but let’s take this as an opportunity for discussion.

Many wanted the controversial speaker to cancel his speaking engagement but the show went on and now we can see just what was said. Here’s some of what was said at Alabama A&E University on Tuesday:

  • On the topic of religion and race Farrakhan got personal, ”If He made us black – with kinky hair, broad nose, thick lips – if I don’t like me, how could I like the God who created me?”

Now, this we agree with. African Americans must like who they are and if we don’t, there may be some dislike in who created us. It really goes deep into why many have said blacks hate one another.

  • Farrakhan referenced the Jewish Seder holiday and specifically the Jewish tradition of the Prophet Elijah’s arrival to each doorway on Passover night: “If Elijah was at the door and he was black, you would call 911 and say there’s a n****r at the door, claiming he’s Elijah! Send the police!
  • Why would Jewish people be so shocked? “Because you are not trained to accept wisdom from a black person, no matter how wise that black person is” the minister explained, “Jesus was a black man.”

We only agree that others may not want to deal with the fact that Jesus was black or of very dark pigmentation. The bible described Him that way so, that’s not our words ( Daniel 10:6 ). We also know that it does not matter if He was or was not because He loves us all and there is only one Lord we shall serve.

There was much more that was stated and true enough, it is very controversial. So develop you own opinion on this one.

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3 Responses to “Louis Farrakhan Preached ‘Jesus Was A Black Man’ At Alabama A&E University”

  1. TheProphet says:

    With love I have to disagree with your statement (it does not matter if He was or was not). It does matter what he looks like because what he looks like is what his people the Hebrews look like and these Hebrews descendants are scattered to the 4 quarters of the earth and are amongst every nation including the so call African American.

    The early congregations knew who he was and what he looked liked and who his people were so I see no issue with our modern day congregation having proper knowledge of who the Messiah is or his appearance. This knowledge will only do good. It will draw the Lost house of Yisrael back to him and it will enrich the relationship that his followers (Hebrews & Former Gentiles) currently have with him.

    His history is important and it must be acknowledged and respected and when you respect it you respect his people the Hebrews and their descendants including the ones scattered amongst the so call blacks.

    He said in his word that he has not cast of Yisrael. The restoration of YISRAEL is on the Fathers agenda. Romans 11 gives us clear knowledge concerning the heavenly fathers plans for Yisrael!

    He said they that worship me must worship me in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24) The Lost house of Yisrael will not be restored with a distorted false image of who the Messiah and his people are. Truth is truth and it cannot be denied!

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    The Prophet, we respect your comment and have to say to say that we agree. We stated it does not matter because we did not want to get into what we really feel about the subject. What we really feel will be added in another post because it needs to be stated. The reason why we did not address it as we really feel because today some of the African American community just do not want to honor His presence in that way. Some, not all, blacks will fight and argue this fact and we have been ridiculed for it but we think now it must be addressed. Our words: ‘it does not matter’, only meant that if some blacks can’t visualize what the ‘Word’ says about what Jesus’ looks like, than how can some blacks respect Him for who it says He is? That is the problem, we feel, is why some blacks continue to spread hate amongst themselves. Some have not respected this fact and rebuke this fact. It has seemed as a lost cause but, Prophet you are right, it is very important and we will address it soon. Thanks for your courageous comment.

  3. TheProphet says:

    Now I understand and thank you but I also want to note that this is not just a black thing the scripture said that the Hebrews were scattered to the 4 quarters (Isaiah 11:12) of the earth of present day Israel which means there are Hebrews North, East, South, and West which means there are unknown Hebrews in the middle east as far as Asia and Further into Europe, down into Africa and of course West of Africa where most of the Unknown Hebrews on this side of the World originated from.

    So this is really not so much of a Black Thing it’s a Hebrew thing. It so happens that the Real Hebrews are dark skin but there are Asian Hebrews, European Hebrews all kinds and they are descendants of there mix ancestors whose former ancestors migrated from Jerusalem and mingled with the nations they’ve were scattered to through various captivities and just migration. After the Babylonian captivity was over not all Hebrews migrated back to Jerusalem they stayed in Babylon (Present day Iraq) and I’m sure many ventured even further east from that point.

    It really is a whole lot and that’s why we need the Messiah to pull all of this together because he knows who they are. They will only unite through proper knowledge of their Hebrew Messiah. So some of the Blacks who want to deny him guess they may or may not even be Hebrews. There were many other Nations that were of the same dark skin tone but not necessarily Hebrew.

    I firmly believe that once there is a true resurrection of the Lost house of Yisrael via the Messiah. The Born again followers of the Messiah whether Hebrew or Gentile will be properly positioned and I believe by default the evils in the world you see today will be dethroned because the House of Yisreal is back in ORDER! This is why this is so important!

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