Woman Murdered Husband and Buried Him In Her Backyard Garden: Thou Shall Not Kill

This case of this 64-year-old woman, Barbara Scott burying her husband, 78, in her backyard garden reveals to us that when a couple in matrimony vows to marry for better or for worse, they do not always mean it.   Scott’s husband Benny was getting very sick as he got older and she was not willing to care for him.   When her daughter asked about her father, she first lied and claimed her fell in the bathtub, so she buried him in the backyard.   Then she told her he committed suicide and when her daughter felt awkward about her strange confession, she drove her to the police station to turn herself in.  Eventually, she allegedly admitted she was tired of taking care of her husband.  When police uncovered his grave in her backyard full of herbs, they discovered a bullet to the back of his head.  Let us a sure you, there is never an excuse to kill anyone.   If you are tired of being with someone, be honest, but never take someone else life.   It would have been better for Barbara Scott to take her husband to a convalescent home and divorce him, but not take his…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy: www.dailymail.co.uk