Doctor Shoots and Kills Colleague For Getting Him Fired, Then Commits Suicide: Is a Job Worth More Than Your Soul?

It seems like the demon of murder-suicide is now haunting those in prestigious positions.   Since when does a doctor kill another doctor, then shoots himself dead?   Usually, we do not hear of many stories like this one, but it seems like the gunman, Dr. Giocondo Navek could not deal with Payman Houshmandpour, 32, allegedly getting him fired from his job.  We are living in an evil age that involves people who will die for their job.   Of course, there is stress, but nothing is worth anyone taking another person’s life, including their own.   The pride of having a lucrative career and the respect people give you when they discover your status is what a lot of people live for, it does not matter if it is a doctor, lawyer, an architect, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or even these days, a pastor of a mega ministry people will resent another person over their job or prestigious position.   This is not the same sort of situation, but this reminds us of a story that occurred about 10 years ago in Long Beach California that involved a baptist minister by the name of Henry Hayes who murdered his wife and little girl.   His wife threatened to tell everyone he was cheating on her, which he thought would keep him from being a future pastor of a very prominent church, so he took the life of his wife and their daughter.   That was nothing more than a case of selfishness and it is the same with this situation.   Dr. Navek whom was not on his job two years chose to take the life of another…Read full article, here.
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