Mother Charged In Murder of Two-Year-Old Daughter After Her Body Was Found By Her Sister: Is This Mother Exempt From Being Evil?

First and foremost, we feel very bad for this 5 year-old girl, Kennedy Wilder who is going to be left without her two-year-old sister, McKinley. Also, it is very sad her little sister died in the hands of her alcoholic mother, Denise Wilder.  However, when we recall actual stories about heaven, we learned that Jesus has reserved a special place for children and McKinley will be able to enjoy playing with other children in heaven.  Both little girls looked so happy and serene in this photo and neither one should not have had to suffer, because of their mother’s troubled life.   We always knew children are a gift from God, so because they are a blessing, why would any mother or father murder them?  What would possess any mother to kill her own child, after carrying him or her for 9 months, then going through such painful labor?   This sad story could happen anywhere and for those whom deny it ought to be ashamed for putting on airs as though their…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


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