Church Mother Throws Bible- Are Some Turning The Black Church Into A Joke? [VIDEO]

black church joke throws bible

Woman Throws Bible in church- Courtesy of

Are Some Turning The Black Church Into A Pure Joke? [VIDEO]

In the video you are about to see, we really feel this is such a joke in the eyes of God and the body of Christ. Check out the video and we will have our words after.

Now that you have seen the video, you may agree with us that there are some that make church, the black church a pure joke. World Star Hip Hop, who uploaded the video calls it “Comedy in the Black Church”. It should be clear that throwing the bible in the air has nothing to do with God. It looked staged, if you ask us. And the pastor looked as though she really thought she had done something special… NOT!

We wonder why our society is so misconstrued and does not really know or have a real relationship with God. It’s disgraceful spectacles like this video and phoney pastors that play along with the game, as if someone is getting the ‘holy ghost’. It was as fake as can be and we just want to know when the church is going to start taking God seriously? It surely was not the Holy Ghost coming over that mother but more like a demon showing out.

We only wanted to show this video to prove that there are too many so called churches, pastors, etc that think they are doing something good for God but the anointing is clearly not present nor welcomed in their services.

Let’s get things right with God and take Him seriously because we can best believe: What He says in his Word will come to pass with or without us.