Bishop Joseph Walker Faces Second Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Filed For $5 Million

Bishop Joseph Walker Faces Second Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Filed For $5 Million

Bishop Joseph Walker Sued again for misconduct

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The good pastor is not going down until all allegations hit the fan and that is exactly what is happening now. Bishop Joseph Walker III of Mt. Zion Baptist Church is hit with yet another lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct which involves a church member.

A former church member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Corey Corbin, filed a $5 million lawsuit against Bishop Joseph Walker on Thursday. Corbin is claiming that the Bishop ‘ruined Corbin’s marriage by sleeping with Corbin’s former wife, Kesha Moore.’ The couple are reported to have went to counseling “specifically marital counseling for sexual problems.” Source

Sidebar: We are sorry but this was a red flag. They would have done better going to a secular counselor on this one.

The church’s spokesman, John Van Mol, issued a statement about both lawsuits.

“There is nothing new here. No matter how many times plaintiff’s counsel re-hashes the same fabrications, the result will be the same — unworthy of comment,” the statement read.

This new suit is naming Walker, two of his assistants and the church as defendants. Corbin alleges he and his former wife, then newlyweds, went to see Bishop Walker for pastoral counseling back in 2000. After the counseling, Corbin alleges, Walker began a long-term affair with his wife, which led to their divorce in 2004.

In the suit, Corbin alleges that “coercion from Walker led to the couple’s marital and sexual relationship continued to deteriorate.” He claims that the counseling led to “the destruction of his marriage and the seduction of his wife.”

The lawsuit also claims the relationship between Corbin’s former wife Kesha Moore and Walker may have not been consensual. Legal documents state: “it is highly unlikely that, given Defendant Walker’s extreme and extraordinary control and influence as ‘celebrity clergy’ over his congregation in general, and given the breach of clerical and pastoral duty of care owed to Kesha Moore, it is difficult to imagine that any true consent could have been given by a reasonable person under these circumstances.”

This case is starting to reminds us of how the late Bishop Earl Paulk slept with several women in  his church including Mona Brewer who set him up in the end for conspiracy and bribery.

Bishop Joseph Walker first sexual misconduct accuser

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Corbin’s lawyer, Connie Allison, also represents Valencia Batson, who was the first former Mt. Zion member that has previously sued Walker and Mt. Zion.

Attorney Connie Allison states: This is not what churches are supposed to do. You don’t use congregants for your own personal, sexual and financial needs. That’s not what clergy is responsible to do,” said Connie Allison, Corbin’s Attorney. Allison also claims that ‘spiritual manipulation’ as one of the arguments in the suit. She says Corbin is “internally destroyed because his spiritual life was destroyed.”

“If someone offered me $5 million to mess with my relationship with God and destroy my marriage – a contract between two people and God – and leave me psychologically damaged for the rest of my life – I wouldn’t have that for $5 million,” she said. “And I believe he (Corbin) wouldn’t either.”

“There is no price you can put on that,” she added..

This recent claim makes a total of $10 million dollars in lawsuits against Bishop Joseph Walker III.