TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch Respond to Allegations of Corrupt Network Finances

Paul and Jan Crouch Respond to misleading finances

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TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch Respond to Allegations of Corrupt Network Finances

Paul and Jan Crouch of Christian network TBN are now coming forward with a response to about all of the news, articles and allegations against them and their handling of finances of the network.

Through their attorney, Colby May, here’s the statement issued on behalf of their good character and work for the body of Christ:

“The soundness and veracity of these stories are completely undermined when you realize that they depend almost exclusively upon accusations from individuals who admitted they had embezzled and misappropriated over $1 million from the network, and its companion ministry, International Christian Broadcasting,” May explained. “And the most heartbreaking fact is that the wife of one of the central figures in that misappropriation is the granddaughter of TBN’s founders, Paul and Jan Crouch.”

“What the bulk of media stories don’t explain is that these individuals used lawsuits to contrive absurd allegations that trusted TBN officials had illegally funneled millions of dollars for their own use,” said May. “Add to that the fabrications that Dr. and Mrs. Crouch were using ministry funds to buy jewelry, jets, mansions and mobile homes for dogs, and you have all the ammunition for a stereotypical attack against an esteemed media ministry.”

“Since 1973 Dr. and Mrs. Crouch have taken to heart the trust and confidence countless thousands of supporters have placed in this broadcast ministry,” he said, noting that as with all responsible institutions, TBN is subject to both internal and external audits every year, and is regularly monitored by appropriate governmental agencies. “In fact,” May recalled, “when these financial misdeeds came to light, TBN officials immediately reported them to the proper authorities.”

“That is why, today, TBN stands as the third largest broadcast group in the nation, sending out wholesome faith-and-family programming 24 hours every day around the globe,” he said. “And that sound financial management, along with a commitment to operate debt free, helps assure that hundreds of millions of TBN viewers worldwide will continue to receive TBN’s life-changing programming for many years to come.” Source

As far as we are concerned, they can clean it up all they want: God is making His move in all of this and He will have the last say. When that happens, there won’t be any need for a spokesman to try and cover up for pimp preachers.