Blame Pastor Paula White: Her Former Lakeland Church was Burglarized By A Trio of Thieves

Paula White's neglected Without Wall Central Church

Photo courtesy of and edited by AT2W

Blame Pastor Paula White: Her Former Lakeland Church Was Burglarized By A Trio of Thieves

We are not sorry to say that people should blame Pastor Paula White for this. This beautiful historic building that she once owned but never could fill the seats nor keep a pastor on duty is really a disgrace for the community of Lakeland, Florida.The church was allegedly improperly managed regarding its finances. It was abandoned in August last year and she allegedly obtained pastoral leadership of the late Pastor Zachery Tims church New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida.
Read report below:
A trio of robbers must not have gotten all they came for from a Lakeland church Wednesday. The three were caught in the act Thursday night hitting up the same church again.
According to Lakeland Police, a Community Response Team saw the black pickup truck drive up to the back of Carpenter’s Home Church Without Walls around 8:30 p.m. Thursday and force themselves inside the building through a side door.
The burglars were seen removing several large items and place them in the bed of the GMC truck. The response team stopped them as they tried to drive away. They were trying to rob the church of its Kenmoore washer and dryer and a Haier air conditioner units. They also admitted to stealing a car battery from inside the church.
The team was monitoring the area after the same church was robbed Wednesday.
Kolette Johnson, 27, Nicholas Sheldon, 24, and Morgan Patton, 22, all of Lakeland, were each charged with Burglary, Grand Theft, and Possession of Burglary Tools in connection with a Burglary.
 This is such a shame and if some of these prosperity preachers like Ms. White would really do the work of the Lord, they would not leave mega churches left behind for thieves to tend to.