Senator John Edwards Was An Alleged Client of Manhattan Madam, Using Campaign Money

Allegedly, Senator John Edwards is the first name to be revealed out of Manhattan Madam’s black book, which is a disgrace.   Previously, Senator John Edwards already had been reported in the media for having an affair with his mistress, Rielle Hunter and impregnating her while on his political campaign.  Then, allegedly used campaign funds to purchase her a beach home for 3.5 million dollars, then had the audacity to propose to her, according to  When his late wife found out about the affair she divorced him while trying to beat her breast cancer diagnosis.   This sudden news does not surprise us and also reveals why America is in trouble, because if we cannot have politicians whom are righteous, then how can we avoid corruption in our society?  It is time for politicians to surrender their lives to God, because for too long many of them like Edwards have been caught in various sorts of sexual affairs.  The demon of lust has controlled the minds and spirits of many political leaders for too long and now it is time for the saints of God to recognize this is definitely a problem we must take to God in prayer.  Furthermore, this Manhattan Madam…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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