The Aftermath of CNN’s Black in America Silicon Valley Documentary [AUDIO]

CNN Black in America Silicon Valley Aftermath

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The Aftermath of CNN’s Black in America Silicon Valley Documentary [AUDIO]

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Listen to audio of the aftermath here:

In the summer of 2011, New Me, the first technology accelerator focused on African American’s was launched. The inaugural class was covered by the CNN documentary “Black in America” along with an exploration of the issues underlying low minority representation in the tech industry. This panel will discuss the issues raised, things not seen in the documentary, and the aftermath of its airing. Panel participants will include Soledad O’brien, the documentary reporter, and Anchor of the CNN Morning Show, Jason Samuels, the producer of the Black In America Documentary, and New Me Participants Hajj Flemings, Hank Williams and New Me co-founder Wayne Sutton.

Listen to the audio link above and see what has happened since the documentary of blacks in silicon valley.

Take a look this infographic on the racial disparities between whites who have been able to excel in Silicon Valley and blacks who struggle to crack its glass ceiling. Source

Infographic of Blacks and Whites in Silicon Valley

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