Missing Detroit Girl Bianca Jones’ Father Charged with Daughter’s Murder

Missing Bianca Jones murdered by father D'Andre Lane

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Missing Detroit Girl Bianca Jones’ Father Allegedly Charged with Daughter’s Murder
We always knew the father of that precious little girl was involved in her disappearance and probably the murderer of his own daughter. He was not fooling us and apparently he never passed the honesty test with family and friends close to him.

Back in December, 2 year old Bianca Jones went missing and her father stated he was carjacked by gunpoint by two men and they took off with the child. Her body has never been found but her father is now being accused of murdering her.

D’Andre Lane, father of Bianca Jones is being arraigned on charges of first degree felony murder and first degree child abuse. He could spend 32 years in prison without parole, if convicted.

Police investigators say that they have found the child was abused on the day of her disappearance. They have questioned Mr. Lane’s account of what happened from the beginning.

The Detroit Press reported:

A source familiar with the investigation previously told the Free Press that a cadaver dog alerted its handler to spots in a bedroom at Lane’s house, as well as in his car, on Bianca’s car seat and her blanket. Cadaver dogs are trained to find human remains and can be capable of detecting even trace amounts of decomposition, experts say.

The source also said Lane’s roommate told police that on the night before Bianca disappeared, she wet the bed and was reprimanded by her father, who the roommate said was strict about potty training.

D’Andre Lane has subsequently failed a police polygraph test but the coward blames his thoughts about the carjacking and missing Bianca on the results.

He is being jailed in the Oakland County Jail after failing to attend a court-ordered anger-management course back in December. This has to do with his violation of a personal protection order prohibiting him from contacting his ex-wife Rakiba Mitchell. He was released shortly after but jailed again when he did not attend the classes while his is now serving time for this in Oakland County. Source

We hope this scoundrel is punished because he was dishonest from the beginning and that little girl did not deserve to die. We are praying for the family and loved ones of Bianca Jones.

Stay tuned for the latest in this case.