Kirk Cameron Reacts to Opposition to His ‘Anti-Gay Comments [Statement Issued]

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3 Responses to “Kirk Cameron Reacts to Opposition to His ‘Anti-Gay Comments [Statement Issued]”

  1. TheProphet says:

    GLAD to see that he didn’t back down. All Honor to EHYEH ASHER EHYEH. The atmosphere is indeed shifting and will continue to shrift until this foul spirit is forced back into the hole it came out from!!! The Fire and brimstone destruction of this spirit is manifesting right before our eyes :-)

  2. Mimi says:

    I am now a Kirk Cameron fan. He did a very brave thing. As Jesus said, they will hate you because of me. Kirk, you have a fan section and God is leading it!

  3. AT2W Staff says:

    Absolutely! We are fans as well and are happy that he took no prisoners on this issue. It proves people can come out of Hollywood and do some great things for God.

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