Read Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial Court Filings and Upcoming Trial Details

Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Court Filings and details

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Read Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial Court Filings and Upcoming Trial Details

Jennifer Hudson consistently made a point to call or text her mother at her home in Chicago on a daily basis. Hudson would call her mother between 9 and 11a.m., according to the Chicago Tribune. The problem occurred when she did not hear back from her mother by late morning on Oct. 24th. She knew at that point something was wrong.

It was only a few hours later that the bodies of her mother, brother and soon after her nephew were found in the family home and in a stolen car on the west side of Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reported the details for what is to be expected at trial in April and some specifics about: what happened days up to the murders, on the day of the murders and issues related to the relationship with her sister Julia and her estranged fiance’ William Balfour.

Report states:

Prosecutors are working to include critical testimony from Julia — who was not with Balfour at the time of the killings — but they fear that a state law that considers communication between spouses confidential could create hurdles.

Prosecutors are hoping to block Julia from talking about conversations she had with her estranged husband to stop her from talking about repeated death threats Balfour allegedly made in the months after the couple separated in February 2008. Court filings also revealed that despite their split, the couple’s sexual relationship continued until just days before the murders. Julia Hudson told police that Balfour had threatened her dozens of times, but that she never took the threats seriously because she didn’t think he would act on them.  Source

Among the other revelations in the court filings via

» Hudson had known Balfour since childhood because their families lived just blocks away from each other and they attended the same elementary school.

» Police first interviewed Hudson at the Trump Tower hotel in downtown Chicago shortly after the slayings, at which point she revealed that there had been tensions between the families over the relationship between Julia and Balfour. Hudson said she’d heard that Balfour had fought with one of Julia’s former boyfriends.

» Hudson also revealed that her family did not know about Julia’s marriage to Balfour in late 2006 until several months after the wedding and that she had advised her sister against marrying Balfour because of concerns about his troubled background. She also said that Balfour had not treated her sister well, allegedly confronting Julia at her workplace one time and threatening to kill her because he thought she was having an affair with a co-worker.

» The singer also said that her brother, Jason, had stopped having friends over to the family home after Julia’s house keys and his .45-caliber handgun were stolen. Hudson told investigators that Balfour was later heard around the neighborhood bragging about stealing the weapon. Police found a .45-caliber gun in the bushes not far from the body of Hudson’s nephew and ballistics experts later connected the weapon to the three killings.

» After police discovered the bodies of Hudson’s mother and brother, an amber alert was issued for 7-year-old Julian King. Hudson offered an undisclosed reward for any information leading to Julian’s whereabouts, but no ransom demands were ever made and the reward money was not claimed.

» Two teenage neighbors told investigators that they heard gunshots coming from the direction of the Hudson home around 9 a.m. on the day of the killings. Neither called police because, they said, “gunfire is occasionally heard in the area.” According to court filings, Balfour’s cell phone records indicate he was near the Hudson home until shortly after 9 a.m. on the day of the murders.

» Balfour reportedly showed up at the Hudson home on the morning of the killings and appeared agitated, saying he’d been up all night drinking. He spotted balloons that Julia received from a new boyfriend for Sweetest Day, got angry and punched the balloons, according to police. When Julia left the house to go to work, Balfour remained behind outside.