Teacher Molested Student In Car and Exchanged 12,000 Text Messages: Christian Parents Beware, Demon Possession Is Taking Over Many Female Teachers

We must forewarn our Christian brothers and sisters that the same demon that has controlled many male teachers are not controlling the evil minds and souls of female teachers like this one in Volusia County, Florida.   Stephanie Cobb, 26 is facing sexual charges for allegedly molesting her 16-year-old student in her car and exchanging over 12,000 text messages with the minor.  She was also accused of chatting over the phone with the minor for about 500 times.  However, she has denied the accusations, but the student has admitted they were in a relationship and in love with one another.  They two were also seen walking around the campus at University High School together.   

This is very nasty and unethical not only in the eyes of the law, but definitely in the eyes of God.   There needs to be a boundary between students and their teachers, because if not, then we have a warp school system.   Students will not respect their teachers, their parents nor adults if they have been molested by someone of authority.   We want you to know God is very angry at these female teachers not seeking nor serving him, but they would rather become alleged pedophiles and destroy the minds of our youth.   This is something that has become a problem among other sorts of lustful appetites in America that is not in line with God’s Word.   Adults sleeping with children is a form of rebellion against God and so when tragedies occur on school campuses we wonder why…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Source and photo courtesy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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