How Can Celebrity Preacher, Bishop T. D. Jakes Allegedly Believe in Oneness and Trinity? It’s Impossible

If you are have listened to Bishop T. D. Jakes sermons, you may recall how he has allegedly stated he is a minister who believe in Oneness, and not Trinity.   However, we ran across this article at the KY Post, which claims Bishop T. D. Jakes admits he believes in the Trinity.   As Christians, we are obligated to choose the right way or the wrong way and according to God’s Word, it says, ‘no man can serve to masters (Matthew 6:24).’  Therefore, if we believe what is right, it is God’s way and then, the other way other than the Trinity is of the Devil.  We cannot believe Bishop T. D. Jakes suddenly believes in the Trinity, after so long of spreading his notion of Oneness, because that makes it seem like he is just trying to keep supporters on both sides in the Pentecostal church, whether they be Apostolic, COGIC, Full Gospel Baptist, AME or even Independent Holiness Churches.

We know God wants us as Christians to be straight forward, not seem like we are agree with right and wrong.  Celebrity Bishop T. D. Jakes seems to be speaking confusing the masses and it is not fair to God nor the body of Christ.   We are not dumb Christians, we know what Oneness means and we know what the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost means, the Trinity.   Our minds are not to be twisted by anyone, even if they have much power, fame and fortune like celebrity preacher, Bishop T. D. Jakes.   We do not want to follow a minister who claims to believe in one thing one moment, then another, the next, that is not being consistent in God’s Kingdom, it is too confusing.   Therefore, we would like to understand Bishop T. D. Jakes…Read full article, here.



Source: KY Post


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