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T.D Jake’s Clarifies His ‘One God, Three Persons’ Beliefs In “Elephant Room” Interview

TD Jakes and Elephant Room Conference

Photo courtesy of timsschraeder.com

T.D Jake’s Clarifies His ‘One God, Three Persons’ Beliefs In “Elephant Room” Interview

Written by AT2W Contributing Writer, Kebony Smith

The Elephant Room, founded and led by Pastor James MacDonald, is a place where several very influential pastors come together and talk about issues within the body of Christ. As reported earlier by AT2W, T.D. Jakes’ invitation to the 2nd Elephant Room stirred much controversy in some sects of the Christian community.  Ranking top amongst their concerns was his connection to the Oneness Pentecostal church and his “former” modalistic view of the trinity. Jakes’ and Pastor Mark Driscoll were put together in a session to discuss theological distinctives with a goal of answering questions such as “How should we relate to those who do not yet embrace the benefit and priority of sound biblical doctrine? Is there a difference between a person in error and a wolf in sheep’s clothing? What benefits derive from keeping the majors on a separate list and not letting the ‘minors’ divide us??”
A series of questions and comments from Driscoll and MacDonald led Jakes’ to say this about his beliefs…

“I stand today on one God, three Persons. You describe manifestations as modalism, I call it Pauline. “For God was manifest in the flesh.” The semantics can be this way or that way, but before the controversy started, Paul used the word manifested. There are distinctives. Father didn’t bleed and die. The person of Jesus did that. We are baptized into the body by the Holy Spirit. That is consistent with my belief system. I’m with you. I have been with you. When we get to know people by their labels. Then comes all the baggage of how we define those labels. We are taught in our society that if we disagree in a movement, we leave. I still have relationships and leadership with in oneness because I believe that we need to humble and say we are attempting to describe a God we have not seen fully, seen in a glass darkly. Why should I throw rocks at you when what I understand through a glass darkly? None of our books on the Godhead will be published in heaven. Because people’s descriptions differ, it doesn’t make it demonic.”

Some other topics that included Jakes’ were racial reconciliation and moral failure within church leadership. In light of his association with Bishop Eddie Long, I believe his observation of infidelity inconspicuously spoke volumes on Long’s alleged misconduct….

“Very few people will tell you what led to their sin. But there’s something going on in that house, and in millions of houses. Not just sexual sin. There are angry out of control men as elders and we need to talk about this too”.

Overall, I believe his input and commentary were embraced and received. I commend MacDonald in his efforts to try and build unity, despite our doctrinal and denominational beliefs.