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Former ORU president, Son of Oral Roberts arrested for DUI; When Will The Body of Christ Live Righteous?

Whenever a minister falls, God cries and we within the body Christ must pray.  However, morals and values seemed to have ceased among the body of Christ.  Although, we are aware that any minister is human and makes human flaws, in these last and evil days, we must make a commitment as a whole to cease from sin.   However, if one is weak within the body of Christ, regardless the sin, we should be strong enough to began fasting and praying and believe Jesus will completely reform to minister or saint we are praying for. Furthermore, there has been too many scandals since the fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, which occurred around 1985.
God is expecting us to finally make a commitment to uphold the family of God to a much higher standard.  A much higher standard would mean for us to completely separate from the world and expand holy living within the body of Christ and to also completely separate form those ministries whom agree with homosexuality and the gospel of Inclusion.

Even if there are many within the body of Christ whom refuse to completely separate from the ways of the world, it ought to be at least 70 percent of us who will take a stand to oppose sin.  There ought to be a huge circle within the body of Christ to stand up against demonic forces that are controlling those whom are radically inclusive followers.   Speaking of the gospel of inclusion, if you noticed when Bishop Eddie Long was caught in a scandal, Bishop Carlton Pearson seem to be one of the first ones to speak out against him in the press and this includes those whom are members and pastors of gay affirming churches.   Now since, the late Oral Roberts and most of the Roberts family allegedly disagreed with the gospel of Inclusion, do not be surprised if we may hear Bishop Carlton Pearson be one of the first ones to have a television interview, regarding Richard Roberts’ DUI.   Remember, when Bishop Carlton Pearson was having his Azusa conferences?

It was Oral Roberts who allegedly negotiated for his events to occur on his property.   Furthermore, the alleged gay nephew of Richard Roberts, Randy Roberts Potts has spoke out in the press, regarding how he was not accepted by the Roberts family, because of his alleged homosexual lifestyle and even attended as a guest at one of Bishop Carlton Pearson’s events in Chicago, Illinois.  Therefore, if you understand the connection between Bishop Carlton Pearson and the Roberts family and many others within the Pentecostal clergy members, then you will not be surprised how he may allegedly instigate in the media when one falls to sin.  Let us remind you, no matter how many ministers may fall to drunkenness, homosexuality, pornography or any other sort of scandalous sin, it is time to take a stand within the body of Christ to live righteous and show those within the movement of the gospel of Inclusion and those whom are sinners that there is a difference in be holy…Watch Videos and Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Source and Video: http://www.kjrh.com

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