Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Former Mistress Sues Him for $12K in Back Child Support

Jesse Jackson's Mistress Sues for Child support

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Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Former Mistress Sues Him for $12K in Back Child Support

We are so disheartened by the continual scandal that follows this man. We are not trying to judge but things are coming to haunt men because in the early days he alleged lived a double life. The bad part about it all is he didn’t just damage his image as a political leader but more importantly his image as a man of God. Like many ministers/civil rights leaders, Jackson needed to know that all of his indiscretions would be laid in front of the church and the people he promised to serve.

Here’s the report on the lawsuit against him:

The mother of JESSE JACKSON’s love child is blasting him as a deadbeat dad for falling behind on child sup­port payments!

In official documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by The ENQUIRER, Karin Stanford claims the 70-year-old famed civil rights leader owes $11,694.50 for their daughter Ashley, now 12.

Stanford was a top aide with Jackson’s Rainbow PUSHCoalition, and The ENQUIRER ex­posed their long-term extramarital affair in a bombshell world exclu­sive in January 2001.

After admitting paternity, the former Democratic presidential hopeful paid court-ordered support and regularly visited Ashley at Stanford’s Cali­fornia home for the past decade.

But according to the court documents, Jackson – who’s remained married to wife Jackie – failed to pay support from De­cember 2010 until August 2011, including minimal monthly fees of $400.

“Karin has tried so many times to work with Jesse on their financial agreement,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “But he was only paying when he felt like it, so she’s taking him to court.”

Note: Though the source that obtained the records is a tabloid, the facts in the case appear to be true according to the LA Superior Court court documents filed.

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We want to be fair and say that any woman that will sleep with a married man of God and have his child out of wedlock, there’s an issue here as well. We as women have to hold ourselves to higher standards and say no just like the man because the bad choices reflect back on us too. Sometimes we suffer in these kind of instances because we did not make the wise and righteous choice at the time.

Hello, ladies: IF he is not your man, stay away from him. Trouble lurks ahead!