Remmebering…Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Talks Dating and Doesn’t Want a First Lady [VIDEO]

marvin sapp on dating and no first lady

Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Talks Dating and Doesn’t Want a First Lady [VIDEO]

We wanted to go back and look at what Marvin Sapp had to say about what kind of woman he wants since his wife Malinda Sapp has passed away in 2010.

Read below the report from March 2012:

Thanks to our friends over at, we were able to see a video interview of gospel singer and pastor Marvin Sapp while he was on the One Love Gospel Cruise. The interview speaks much on how he’s dating now since his wife Malinda died nearly 2 years ago. He shared some interesting thoughts about what type of woman he’s looking for.

He says women have let the standard down and that the chase is no longer there; especially since women seem to be the ones doing the chasing now.

Here’s what he’s looking for in a wife:

  • She needs to be ‘unbelievably, stunningly gorgeous’
  • She must have her own thing going on
  • She doesn’t need to be a First Lady; just a wife
  • She needs to be able to sign a pre-nup (Ha!)

Check out the video below:

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