Bishop T.B. Joshua, Secret Agent for The Devil? [See Documentary]

Bishop TB. Joshua- False Prophet Documentary

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This pastor has been called a Secret Agent of the devil who some say works side by side with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. People are saying Oyakhilome operates with a demonic spirit. Global News, one of the Top Nigerian newspapers calls Temitope Balogun Joshua better known as T.B. Joshua is a fake preacher who has allegedly abused women in an apparent large harem.

Here’s a little background on Joshua:

Temitope Balogun Joshua was born in Nigeria and is a Christian, minister, televangelist and faith healer. He is the leader and founder of the ministry organization The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) which runs a Christian television station called Emmanuel TV, available on the Internet via the Streaming Faith broadcast portal.

The reason why many are finding opposition with T.B. Joshua would be with his organization SCOAN which claims to heal illnesses such as HIV/AIDs and cancer. The controversy was caught on camera in November 2011, when pastors claimed to have healed people with HIV/AIDS and recommending them stop taking medications for the condition.

Wikipedia reported:

Following the publication of this report, T.B. Joshua stated shortly thereafter that he fully supports medical science and the standard treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Now, we are sure that many pastors or prophets with the true gift of healing have their convictions or support for medical science but take a look at what is revealed in the documentary and see for yourself why others skeptical about him. It would be a lot more than just the claims mentioned above.

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