George Lucas Admits Hollywood Didn’t Want To Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because Of Its Black Cast: White Husbands of Black Women Do Face Racism

We have been asking our dear black sisters whom are married to their white husbands, ‘how do they handle racism and speak with them about, whenever they face it.’  Therefore, we wondered if they faced it alone or do their white husbands even care.  Well, obviously George Lucas who is happily married to his black woman, Mellody Hobson has just experienced racial discrimination and he admits it on this following video.  We feel George Lucas is being extremely honest about racism, which something a lot of black men will not do and honestly, even some black women.  George Lucas created a film to give black actors a chance in Hollywood and because it is an all black cast, he faced racial discrimination.

We feel George Lucas has opened the eyes of many people whom wondered if racial discrimination was ever discussed among white men and their black wives.  Although, we have got our answer, it is a twist…Read full article, here.

Source: Souls of Black Women

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2 Responses to “George Lucas Admits Hollywood Didn’t Want To Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because Of Its Black Cast: White Husbands of Black Women Do Face Racism”

  1. Jerry says:

    If anyone thinks we’ve put the final nail in the coffin of racism you’re living in the Matrix, racism is alive and well even within the American Church, the bible clearly condenms it, but has anyone noticed the deafening silence on this topic?!
    Its swept under the rug and never discussed, like so many other issues the church fails to address, it seems pastors are ill equipted or reluctant to preach about it……

    Let me change gears here, I applaud George Lucas’ efforts and raw honesty about hollywoods reluctance to finance this project to give these Unsung American Heroes the honor and respect due them that was denied them by ‘the powers that be’ and bring their legacy to the big screen, there are so few of them living today; this is OUR story, it need to be told! “YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE!”

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Hello Jerry, you have really told it like it is. Racism has never left and one of the main reasons why is, because the lack of unity among African Americans whom most of the times avoid identifying whom God created them to be, black. Many times, we have heard African Americans on national television, saying it is ugly to be black and for this reason, we feel white supremacists have been able to dominate with their racial discrimination.

    George Lucas who is married to a black woman is one of the fewest individuals to be honest about his experience with racial discrimination and just maybe this will teach more African Americans not to withhold their own experiences of racism within America. Thank you so much for telling the truth. God bless. -AT2W Staff

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