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Please Be Careful Who You Meet: Missing Atlanta Woman’s Car Found, Search Continues


We ask this strange question about this investigation, regarding Stacie Nicole English of Atlanta, why don’t the police call this case foul play, if they admit to it being suspicious?   If the police discovered her car in a parking lot, allegedly belonging to the police department, left running with her iPad, cell phone and wallet, then why wouldn’t it be foul play? In our opinion, they do not have the right people on the task force.  Then, we discovered that Stacie Nicole English asked this man visiting from St. Louis, Missouri to leave, after an argument.  Still, they do not consider this case foul play, something is not right with this investigation, because if we have key evidence of Mr. Robert Kirk, allegedly being the last person seen with her and honestly admits she asked him to leave, then we think the Atlanta Police Department needs to look further into this case.

As you know, we have been giving you you the latest news on prostitutes whom were found dead in the trunks of their cars, in Detroit.  Now, this case involves a missing woman in Atlanta.  Stacey Nicole English’s car was discovered in a parking lot allegedly owned by the police precinct without her whereabouts.  Now, when the police discovered the car with the engine running, why didn’t he or she immediately call the police and try to find out whom the car belong to.   We do not trust the police with this particular case and find it very suspicious they do not see this as a case of being foul play.  

We always tell you dear black women, to live your life right and be very careful of what choices you make.  Although Stacey Nicole English allegedly worked for a bank, she obviously could have met the wrong person, possibly online.  The questions remain to ponder through our minds.  How long did she know this man from St. Louis, Missouri? This case if awfully strange and teaches each and every last one…Read full article and watch video, here.

Source: Souls of Black Women

Photo courtesy and source: http://buckhead.11alive.com