Derrell Cleveland Dies from motorcycle accident

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This is Part 3 of Janel Cleveland story about how she forewarned her husband about dying in a motorcycle accident and how she comes to find her husband later. Also, see God’s intervention begin in her life after this tragic incident.

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God Gives us Warning Dreams of Future Events and Destruction so that we can change the outcome If we are Obedient to the Instructions Given

During the time of my husband’s death, I was stronger than I had ever been spiritually. While I was off work, I had more time to spend with God, read the Word, pray, and fast. I believe God was strengthening and preparing me for what was about to happen. Prior to my husband’s death, God had me to study scriptures like 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and many others. He also allowed me to spend those last three months with my husband so that I would not have any regrets. Our relationship grew even stronger over those last months of his life. I am very grateful to God that He did tell me to go back home and now I know why that was so important.

During the week of the funeral preparations, God told me that I was going to eulogize my husband. I would have never thought that I would deliver my husband’s eulogy and be a widow at the age of 29. But I stayed prayerful and I only shared this information with my pastors and a few others that I felt lead to. I knew this was something that I could not do in my own strength, but God said that He was going to speak through me.  He just was wanted me to be consecrated and to walk in the Spirit and be a yielded vessel. So all that week, I kept worship music playing even while I slept. I prayed and I had so many people praying for me. The enemy was setting up weapons and attacks, but God was holding me in His arms and keeping me safe. I was surrounded by His love and protection.

As a Result of Not Listening to God’s Warning Through a Dream, a 29-Year Old Wife Has to Bury Her Dead Husband

The night before the funeral, I stayed at a hotel. Some of the ministers from my church and family members came up and prayed over me and with me that evening. I slept like a baby. I got up that morning and I did not cry like I had all the other days prior. There was truly a peace of God that encompassed me. God was going to get the glory that the devil thought he was going to get. I prayed and sang in the Spirit and the natural. I got dressed and I was ready. I didn’t know what to say, but I trusted God and I knew that everything was going to be alright.  My aunt picked me up in my car and she drove us to the funeral.  When we got there, my pastor prayed for me, and then we went in so that I could be seated. The casket was closed before the funeral started. So I took my place on the front row. There were solo selections and the choir song and ushered in the presence of God. The believers were praising God.

The atmosphere was set, but I just needed to hear one more song before it was time. So I asked God, in a silent prayer, to let our Minister of Music play a song that he had just wrote. So my pastor got up and asked him to play the song and he did. My heart was full of praise and gratitude. So after that, my pastor called me up. I started off talking about the scripture that God had given me and then the Holy Spirit took over. I don’t remember all the words that were said, but I saw the faces of the people. As I stood giving God glory in the midst of what looked like a tragic situation, I knew that I had my foot on the devil’s neck. He thought that he was going to take credit for what had happened, but God got the glory out of that situation. After I finished, my pastor offered the sinner’s prayer and hundreds of people received Jesus Christ as their Savior that day.


Think Carefully…….You just woke up this Morning…What Dream(s) did you see in your sleep…Was it some warning about you that you are ignoring or someone else concerning a life or dead matter… Or maybe it was some form of instruction or revelation you didn’t know about a relationship that’s in your life…


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