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  • Tim Reid’s Mosaic Church Dance Parties Shut Down by Judge’s Court Order

Tim Reid’s Mosaic Church Dance Parties Shut Down by Judge’s Court Order

Tim Reid's Mosaic Church Dance Parties shut down by Judge's Court Order

Photo courtesy of timesfreepress.com

Shootings at Church’s Dance Party in Tennessee Pushes Judge’s Order To End Them

The pastor of this church claims he is helping the gang community join church services and is making a difference in his town. Unfortunately, there have been some terrible crimes linked to the church’s good intentions. Find out below what kind of things have happened at this church’s “dance parties”.

Judge Jeff Hollingsworth has granted a 15-day restraining order that includes strict limits on the number of people who can be in the church’s space and the hours it can operate.

But the pastor of this church, Mosaic, said the dance parties are an important part of his ministry. The city, however deems it as a dangerous nuisance and requested the judge shut them down.

“We’re still allowed to do what they deem as respectable worship services, but we can’t do any outreach or mission,” Mosiac pastor Tim Reid said. “We definitely question the constitutionality of them telling us how we can worship, what is considered the right way to worship by the government. It’d be different if something illegal were happening.”

City Attorney Phil Noblett said: “Some of the activities I’ve observed are not church activities.”

The local police in Chattanooga responded to at least 19 assault calls which involved the church’s parties. Over the past five years, there was one rape and two other shootings, according to the city’s court complaint.

Apparently, Reid has violated several fire codes in his church like exceeding the occupancy limits and not having enough exits or restrooms.

The restraining order allows “structured worship services” and small group meetings for things like Bible study, as long as they conform to the fire marshal’s orders and are over by 9 p.m. It specifically disallows alcoholic beverages on the premises except sacramental wine used during Sunday worship.

Well, the pastor, Tim Reid is going to have to reevaluate his youth activities or find himself in jail for the rapes and shootings under his watch. Instead of making excuses, he needs to apologize and change up the program immediately. There should never, ever be any rapes or shootings involving the church.