Paula White’s 2nd Without Walls Church in Lakeland, FL Has Been Closed Since August

Paula White's Without Walls Church Central

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Paula White’s 2nd Without Walls Church in Lakeland Has Been Closed Since August

Paula White’s second church location in North Lakeland, Florida named Without Walls Central has not held services since at least August. Lakeland Electric disconnected the church’s electric service because they say its owner, White of Without Wall Church in Tampa had too many missed payments.

Thanks for The Old Black Church for the tip on this one!

A city spokesman named Kevin Cook stated Without Walls owed more than $50,000 in unpaid bills. Lakeland Electric even applied the church’s deposit of $51,180, he said, which left the owners with a balance of $2,953.79. This small amount of money which probably would pay for a staff dinner date on the church’s tab, still has not been paid.

Note: It’s important to mention that electric service was shut off the very month Pastor Zachery Tims died in a NY hotel.

Rev. Randy White, a co-founder of Without Walls International and the ex-husband of Paula White, told reporters that in November the Lakeland property was on going to be sold or it was going into foreclosure.

Many people would not have known much about the status of the property if it had not been for the widely public news on Paula White possibly assuming leadership of Zachery Tims’ New Destiny Church in Apopka.

Here’s a little history on the Lakeland Church location:

The First Assembly of God constructed the 9,000-seat sanctuary in North Lakeland in 1985 and began holding services in the renamed Carpenter’s Home Church. The church split in 1989 and never again had a congregation large enough to fill the sanctuary.

If services were held at full capacity, the sanctuary would rank among the eight largest churches in Florida, according to a database maintained by the Hartford Institute for Religious Research at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut.

But there is more incriminating news about how Paula White handles her business: The Lakeland Fire Marshal had to post notices at the church property last September stating,

“This structure is unsafe for human occupancy and ordered vacated. This structure must remain vacant and unoccupied until all violations are corrected.”

According to the Fire Marshal, a property that does not assume power, makes it unsafe for use. They had learned that some church members were using an emergency generator to power the lights in the closed sanctuary to have meetings. (Go figure)

The Legder reported more about the history of both churches:

Without Walls International bought the property for $8 million in 2005, renaming it Without Walls Central. The church has struggled to attract a large congregation, and in 2008, Without Walls International announced that both the Lakeland and Tampa sanctuaries were up for sale.

Later that year, the mortgage holder, California-based Evangelical Christian Credit Union, reportedly began foreclosure proceedings on both properties, claiming the church defaulted on a $1 million line of credit.

Without Walls managed to reach a settlement with the credit union in 2009, thanks to the sale of two parcels to the city of Lakeland for $1.38 million.

The mortgage has modified by the credit union with the Polk County Clerk of Courts in January which listed the original principal amount a little more than $4 million and gave a revised loan maturity date of Jan. 1, 2013.

Without Walls Central was a substantially growing church until the senior pastors Scott and Cindy Thomas “broke off to form their own church in late 2010” and of course much of the congregation followed them.

In February 2011, a pastor Randy Coggins stepped in to lead services at the church, but it was long before he left months later to form his own congregation as well.

We reported months ago that Paula White of Without Walls International then has the nerve to file a lawsuit against Coggins in August, claiming he made “derogatory statements and allegations” about the church in Tampa from the pulpit of the Lakeland and took most of the members with him.

The suit, filed sought $15,000 in damages.

Can we see now why Paula White needs a new church and new source of income from NDCC?