New Destiny Church Members Protest New Pastor and Church Board on Christmas Day

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New Destiny Church Members Protest New Pastor on Christmas Day

There were some members of the Orlando area church spent part of their Christmas protesting the possible appointment of a new pastor, Paula White. Churchgoers at New Destiny Christian Center are concerned over the possibility of Paula White replacing the church’s late pastor, Zachary Tims.

On Christmas day, the group of protesters passed around petitions and asked board members to resign. They claim the church’s board has ulterior motives and is not looking out the what’s truly best for Zachery Tims’ legacy nor for the church members at large.
The Orlando Sentinel reported that a New Destiny member Eugene Roberson, whose leading the petition drive stated:
 “We don’t need this board. We feel this board has ulterior motives,” said Eugene Roberson.
“The board passed out the survey last Sunday, and a week later they have not given us the results of the survey. We did our own survey and no one was in favor of Paula White,” Roberson said today.
The petition stated Zachery Tims’ ex-wife, Riva Tims, should by all right be the pastor.
“The majority of the congregation does not want Paula White. We want our mother back, and our mother is pastor Riva Tims,” Mary Walker said.
The petition also requests a meeting with church members by Thursday to discuss their concerns and about Paula White being selected.
We can probably assume that many of NDCC members that oppose White’s alleged appointment may have been encouraged to fight against it when Zach Tims’ good friend Douglas Chukwuemeka posted this:

God is uncovering the sham and disgraceful deception from so-called Elders and ministers on the Board of NDCC who will not listen to reason. I urge NDCC members to rise up and demand answers from them . Time is of the essence. You are not alone in this battle for the good of Dr. Tim’s and Pastor Riva’s children who have been totally disregarded since his passing.Don’t let thier legacy be stolen and don’t let this Board get away with it. Stand on the WORD of God and know that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. Come together and let them know that the sheep of NDCC are not as dumb as they think. God is moving! (Posted from his FB page on Dec. 23rd)

And with his disgust of how Paula White may become New Destiny’s senior pastor, he stated:

Someone asked : Does anyone have access to the bylaws and covenants that governed the board at NDCC? I need help understanding how a member of the board who is there to help find a successor can become the successor. That just seems like a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST to me! It is inappropriate. [Source]

Though the NDCC church board announced it then later denied it, White began serving as the church’s temporary pastor after Tims was found dead inside a New York City hotel room.
The ND board members have not confirmed whether Paula White will be named their permanent pastor.
According to a email sent to members and subscribers, a permanent replacement for Tims is expected to be announced on New Year’s Day.
UPDATE: Minister Samuel Anderson, who had been serving as church spokesman, has been removed from the board of directors. Eugene Roberson, who has led the petition drive, said church protesters are requesting his reinstatement.