What Difference Does It Make If Jesus Christ Was Black, Since Many Black People Hate Being Black?

Think about this one question, one that was raised one day after Jesus’ birthday on TheGrio’s website.  To the family of AToast2Wealth.com, it does not matter what race Jesus Christ was, all that matters if he has completely saved and cleansed us from our sins.   The main focus among the true body of Christ should be, if we make sure we inherit the Kingdom of heaven, that’s it.  Race has never saved mankind, all it has ever done is caused conflict.  Furthermore, the majority of African Americans do not like being black, most of them claim to be of another race, mostly mixed with another race and even lighten their dark pigment.   So, what difference does it make, if Jesus Christ was black or white, since most black people hate being black and have even admitted it is ugly to be black?


True born again believers who happened to be African Americans should acknowledge this subject has been dead.   The main focus of knowing Jesus Christ is our relationship with him.  Even if He was black, he never would be so insecure like most black people who are ashamed of being black.   So, what is the point?   Why is this question so important to black people who are ashamed of how God made them?   This is how lost a lot of souls who happened to be black are today, what is so important to them is, to make sure everyone knows Jesus Christ was black.  However, these same African Americans do not completely follow and obey biblical commandments and have opposed to live holy.   They do not love Jesus.  So, why is it so important to prove Jesus Christ was black?


When we think about Jesus Christ, we think about His ultimate love.   If Jesus was walking the earth, which we have heard he has recently visited the earth,  would he sell drugs to his own race?  Would He always be conscious of his identity?  Would Jesus Christ hate himself and always try to prove He is not black?  Would He lighten His skin with bleaching creme and change His features to look more European? Would he be among those whom has lied and said His Word belongs to the white man?  Would Jesus Christ claim that the Holy Bible is no longer popular?  Would He make sin, right while following the wicked ways of descendants…Read full article, here.


Source:Sanctified Church Revolution

photo courtesy: http://www.turnbacktogod.com

Source: http://www.thegrio.com

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6 Responses to “What Difference Does It Make If Jesus Christ Was Black, Since Many Black People Hate Being Black?”

  1. TheProphet says:

    I totally hear what your saying with regards to the subject. It is known that for some people to bring up the color of his skin is usually based in racial tension. However I see no problem with someone sincerely wanting to know if the Messiah was from a dark skin race.

    Secondly your statement (“Furthermore, the majority of African Americans do not like being black, most of them claim to be of another race, mostly mixed with another race and even lighten their dark pigment.”) This statement was a bit harsh. Unless one have spoken to every single dark skin person in the US then they do not qualify to make such a bold statement on behalf of dark skin people.

    I hear people say it doesn’t matter what color his skin was that for them it’s about faith. Well I know the scriptures says that “Faith without works is dead”. If we have faith that he is our savior and the son of YHVH then don’t you think it makes sense to bring balance to this divine faith by actually getting to know this person including his race and the people he came from. Don’t you think that having a clear understanding of who he really is will further enrich our fellowship with him even the more in the Spirit.

    Yes for some this question may be an issue of Race and for others it’s about truth. John Chapter 4:24 in the New covenant says “YHVH is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”

    If The Messiah is a dark skin man then yes we have a right to know this because the most high loves truth and justice and if indeed the Messiah is a dark skin man from a dark skin race then it means that the Children of Israel are a dark skin people and it means that there descendants are amongst the so call “Black People” of today. If so then YHVH still has a covenant with these people and will not break it no matter how busted or insecure they have become. Yahweh says in Psalms 89:34 “My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.”

    Further more if one is truly interested in knowing the skin tone of the Messiah and his people all one has to do is go to the source. The bible and study. There is tons of scriptures that gives bold clues and evidence of him and his peoples skin tone. Revelations 1:14-15 is a great starting point to begin research about this.

    Could this is be reason why the Body is having such an identity crisis today because we as the body have yet to properly get acquainted with the head; our Savior YESHUA THE MESSIAH. With all the blog post that you guys post about the mess that’s happening in the body. Clearly you must see that something is terribly wrong and that their is a major identity crisis going on in the body.

    And let me add personally this is not just about color but this is also about the Heritage of Israel at least it is for me and what is happening with the “REAL ISRAEL” today!

  2. TheProphet says:

    And I’ll also add If the Messiah is a dark skin man and I believe he is because of my thorough research from the scriptures and archaeological findings then it means that YHVH wants this information to come to light because he said in Luke 8: 17 “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”


  3. Dee Dee says:

    For me, it does not matter what color Jesus is/was. But, because we do not know what he looks like, this picture and others like it can contribute to idol worship. One can not just take or draw a picture and call it Jesus. If he wanted us to see Him, He could/would have made it possible.

  4. Mimi says:

    If it were not important, the European artists would have painted Jesus in His own image and not in their own image. It is important to know Jesus’ race because every nation on earth has been under the lash of European racist imperialism/colonialism for the past 500 years. We are to love ourselves and respect and honor ourselves with this knowledge of Jesus’ race, not use it as a tool of superiority.

  5. AT2W Staff says:

    We think everything about Jesus is important. If the bible described him as a black man, it is important. But when people of color don’t even treat each other right and care about their own, it’s not the important part anymore. They need to concentrate on living right because for as along as we all have known Jesus was black, this has not stopped the genocide amongst the race. If we truly love Christ as we say we do as Black people, then we would not dishonor God by some of us not loving each other. The Europeans have etched Jesus on canvas in their own image because they have always wanted to dominate the world. When will black people start loving their fellow man as Jesus would? Then we could see Jesus as the image the bible states and love each other even more in His image?

  6. AT2W Staff says:

    The image describe of him in the bible is correct but black people can’t cherish this until some of them love each other.

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