Co-Founder of NDCC Riva Tims Will Grace Charisma Magazine and Tell Her Story in February

Pastor Riva Tims, Co Founder of NDCC on Charisma Magazine

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Co-Founder of NDCC Riva Tims Will Grace Charisma Magazine in February

Riva Tims may not have been respected nor considered as the co-founder of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida amongst the church’s board but she is a pastor and champion in her own right.

She will be gracing the cover of the February 2012 issue of Charisma magazine. The featured cover story about her is entitled:

“When it All Falls Apart: Through Death, Divorce and More,

Riva Tims Found God’s Hope and Healing and You Can Too!”

She posted this cover and two others so Facebook friends could help choose their favorite layout. We chose this one above!

Oh and by the way, Riva Tims had this to say to the church members, Paula White and the board, just hours after the protest was announced to go on at New Destiny Church:

To the members of NDCC, I know there is a lot going on for you all right now. My heart aches for you and I would have loved to be a part of the healing process for you. The children and I feel the same concerns many of you have expressed to me. Please know that even though the Board including Paula White refused to meet with me as the co-founder of NDCC on behalf of my children, I have a resolve that God is ALMIGHTY and HE is the righteous judge. Continue to pray for God’s perfect will and that the Spirit of Truth will continually be manifested. I love you much.

Hats off to Riva Tims for being lady and woman of God. We are not sure how many people could have kept their cool and their religion through all of the drama and disrespect.