Riva Tims Supporters To Rally Against Paula White As Pastor of New Destiny Church

Riva Tims

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Riva Tims Supporters Plan Rally Against Paula White As Pastor of New Destiny Church

We will not hear the last of the Zachery Tims and New Destiny saga until its really settled and over and its definitely not over now. While there are many church members who would have loved for Zachery Tims’ former wife Riva Tims to succeed him, apparently she stated on Facebook, the church officials had not invited her to participate in the selection process. Minister Anderson at New Destiny Church was the very first to announce to reporters on camera that Riva Tims was one of the persons they were looking into to take over the church. This occurred the Monday after news of Tims’ death but for some unknown reason, he has since denied commenting on her ever being considered.

On Sunday,  Deborah Johnson reached out to Riva Tims on Facebook about the news of Paula White as pastor and stated:

“We are shocked at the news and praying for God’s perfect will to manifest. We love you, Pastor Riva.”

Riva Tims responded:

” i am too, you should have seen zion today wearing his father’s suit and shoes. he is only 12 years old. this was a tough day for the children. the board has never reached out to them and has refused any meetings with me. God is in control. My faith will not waiver. love you both very much”.

That says a mouthful and the hurt she feels during this whole ordeal.

However, Riva’s dear and devoted supporters have said ‘enough is enough”.

Here’s the report from Orlando Sentinel and thanks to Hinterland Gazette for the heads up:

A group loyal to Riva Tims said they plan to protest outside New Destiny Christian Center tonight over the apparent selection of Pastor Paula White to succeed Zachery Tims, who died in August.

Jerelen Jackson, who joined New Destiny in 2002, said current and former members of the megachurch in Apopka are upset that the church’s board refused to consider Riva, who co-founded the church with her husband in 1996. Riva and Zachery divorced in 2008 and Riva became pastor of her own church, Majestic Life Church in Lockhart, in 2009.

“Pastor Zach died and Pastor Riva is alive. Who knows that church better than she does? And she wasn’t even considered,” said Jackson, 39, who followed Riva to Majestic Life.

The report also stated something very interesting. While New Destiny plans to announce the church’s new leader Jan. 1st, the  congregation was given a survey as to whether they wanted Paula White to take over the church. Interesting enough, there were no other names offered for approval. This sort of sounds like a sham as they wanted it to appear that the church actually voted her in. This also explains why Bishop Hilliard, Pastor Rico and Dr. Chu (for short) were so up in arms over the news this weekend.

“To have somebody else come in and not even consider Sister Riva is not right,” said Jackson, of Orlando, “We simply would like Sister Riva to have a chance before you consider anybody else.” Source

At the same time of dealing with the controversy over the newly appointed pastor of New Destiny Church, Zachery Tims’s mother is doing everything in her power to keep the cause of her son’s death a complete secret. The ruling has been handed down by the NY judge but it has yet to become official, as it awaits the backlogging  process and a possible appeal from Madeline Tims and her attorney.

Let us say this while no one is touching on it but we will: We need to remember that even though we believe Paula White is digging for gold over at New Destiny, there is someone else who probably had some say in the pastor selection as well. Zach Tims’s mother is doing all she can to disclose his cause of death. Have anyone even considered that she may have had a say in not wanting his former wife as pastor? Though we would have rather it been Riva to succeed him since she did help build the vision, the mother may have her hands in this as well.  Tims’ mother seems very controlling and there may not have been great relationships going on between Riva and the mother. We seriously think she had a big say in the selected pastor along with the board.