Bishop I.V. Hilliard’s Sermon At New Destiny Tells a Story of Corruption Beforehand

Bishop Hilliard Resigns from New Destiny Board of Councils

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Bishop I.V. Hilliard’s Sermon At New Destiny Tells a Story of Corruption Beforehand

Bishop I.V. Hilliard has done his job and has resigned as one of the four bishops that made up the Board of Councils in search of a new pastor and wife for the late Zachery Tims’ church New Destiny Church in Apopka.

Well, Bishop Hilliard didn’t actually get to do this job he was asked to do and neither did the other board members. In a statement he made via video, he stated he was resigning from the board and this is why:

“My commitment to integrity will not allow me to support something that I believe is deceptive and that comprises previously agreed upon procedures and protocol.”

It is obvious that something very aggravating has made the bishop want to step away from this church now. In his pre-sermon message which lasts about a minute in a half, he also attached his sermon he made at New Destiny Church on Sunday. In the sermon he mentions some things about leadership that gives us some good ideas that New Destiny is in store for a ride they were not attending to be a part of.

In the video sermon, which he said was given on Dec. 4th, “Kingdom Vision” he states the visionaries are the members of the church who are not participants or parasites but are partners in the vision. He says Zachery Tims had a vision and the people of the church are connected as partners and not just participants.

He praised New Destiny, as a church, for not falling prey to predators while they are in transition for a new pastor. He instructs them to not let anyone come in and govern their process but that it be for those grounded in the word to allow the right person in. He made some great points that covered the process of getting a new pastor should not be preyed on by humanistic philosophy, human prejudices, human passions, human pay offs, human politicking and human pride.

This surely sounds like he was referring to the selection committee and what should not happen in the process of selecting a new pastor for their church. It is clear now that some feel Pastor Paula White may have used some of the above mentioned “humanistic” characteristics to get in the senior pastor seat of this church, if she really is going to be their new leader.

Bishop Hilliard made it clear he is not trying to get this church because he has his own church and can say what he wants at this point. He went on to say he’s only there by assignment and wants to help them (the church) from sitting idly by and allowing someone to corrupt their minds.

He goes on to tell a story of how people wanted him to be the successor of a pastor when he was a very young and new preacher. He thought he was going to be the successor and retire the other pastor but someone else stated he needed to wait. This story was told only to make the point that whoever comes to preach at this church, will not necessarily be their successor as it would not following the order of God and would instead be endorsing themselves.

He had so much more to say and you would have to hear it for yourself but the main point that was made was New Destiny needs an appointed and anointed pastor that they can move forward with which lacks all of the corrupt games.

Well, he has said much more about what he feels now that we can assume has to do with the new pastor of the church.

Some of his Tweets were pretty obvious as well as others chimed in on the announcement and his disgust in the selection process:

Bishop Hilliard:

  • Wow…. Got the news about what happened at NDCC….shocking!! NDCC Members you are not alone many in the body of Christ stand with you!
  • It is my understanding it (new pastor of New Destiny) was announced….the members are outraged…I know the process was compromised…still in faith!

Former ND member:

  • I was a member for 13 years @ NDCC this sad who was in charge of voting I thouht u were a voice in the process

Bishop Hilliard:

  • corrected – the process was severely compromised NO ADVICE from the Bishop’s Council as was initially promised was allowed..

Former ND member:

  • so basically at the end of the day you had no say so…i hope and pray people dont think their exempt from hell

Bishop Hilliard:

  • see correction…no input to the selection process was allowed…It unfortunate…it was wrong &no spiritual spin can erase it
  • “Who stands by and watches a theft take place and does not sound the alarm? Only the irresponsible and the uncaring….NDCC members we care..”
  • “Praying, believing and listening…. We fight the good fight of faith…righteousness will prevail…the righteous will not be ignored!!!”