Once You’re Gay or Lesbian Can You Ever Go Back?

A few people asked our journalists, the other day a very important question, ‘once you are gay can you ever go back?’  Our answer to them is definitely yes and we can prove it when you visit our sister blog, Ex-Gay God’s Way.  There have been several former gays, lesbian and transgender people who testify about how God delivered them and set them total free from the demonic power of Satan.   Jesus Christ is a deliverer and if you ask Him to set you free and desire to have no more affiliation with the demon of homosexuality nor those whom yet support it, you can change your life.   However, you must say yes to Jesus Christ, to only submit to His will and His way and not your own.  

You must make a decision, because you are tired of being a gay or lesbian person.   You see, you have to be disgusted with the way you have been living.   If you like it, then no, you cannot be delivered and set free.   Deliverance from homosexuality is a serious step.  It is most definitely a serious commitment and one must make up in his or her mind to no longer affirm the gay or lesbian lifestyle.

The average mistake of an ex-gay man or woman is this, they think they need the church to support them and most of the time, they do not.  You do not need the church’s support once you fully surrender your life to Jesus Christ.   For one, there are many churches, not all, but many whom will discourage you by not allowing…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution