Members of Jericho City of Praise Start New Website With Details of Controversy

Jericho City of Praise ChurchMembers of Jericho City of Praise Start New Website With Details of Controversy

Thanks to your friends over at for the heads up about the church members of Jericho City of Praise making a stand to educate and expose the misdeeds of the church faculty through a new website.

Here’s the report:

 The members of Jericho have now went one step further by creating their own tell it all website: PeopleOfPraiseMD.

Jericho City of Praise  battle of control includes everything fromfighting during the offering in a church service, non disclosure of vital financial information and possible conflicts of interest with regard to IRS TAX Codes,  (Dorothy Williams deposition)  to forming a collaborated smear campaign against Elder Joel based on basically the staff’s displeasure of his alleged arrogant attitude (Clarence Jackson deposition). and, style of preaching.  In my opinion only, Jericho’s church staff appears to be  operating in a spirit of  fear in losing their positions within the church due to the ungodly behavior they have directed to Elder Joel who now and rightfully so, feels they cannot be trusted. What was most disturbing to me was a letter forwarded to Pastor Joel Peeples alerting  him that the Board  (church staff members) have decided to invite another preacher into his pulpit.  to preach one of the two Sunday morning worship services.

From perusing the many depositions posted on their website, each staff member appears to be totally resistant to accepting or acknowledging  any type  leadership from Elder Joel.  The following synopsis, confirmed by the above mentioned depositions, was submitted by one of Jericho’s church members, Amer Banks:

“The employees are just that, employees.  They are not qualified in any way to handle this ministry.  They believe they have authority to say what Pastor Joel should preach on, how long he can preach, whether he can do a “War Cry” or not and what evangelist or artist he can bring in.  These six rogue employees are led by an Ex-Deacon who was removed due to  a failure to conduct himself in a manner befitting a deacon in the Lord’s church.  These six rogue employees/members filed a restraining order against Pastor Joel just 4 days after his mother died (Sunday evening after preaching two church services where he told the church his mother was dead) and before she was even buried.

These six employees/members gave themselves large raises and some of them have either purchased new houses and or luxury cars.  Hmmm!!   What a coincidence?  Their story is that Apostle Betty Peebles, while bed ridden with terminal cancer, just days from death was so moved by how well these six took care of her, that she made a deathbed decision to give them all raises of up to $20,000.00 a piece.

Read full report here and pay attention to the suggestions The Church Lady gives the congregation as they move forward.