Bishop Kenneth Ulmer’s Sex Scandal Cover Up Led to More Victims by Author’s Ex Husband

Troyvoi Hicks and Lionel Wilson Prep School child porn

Bishop Kenneth’s Sex Scandal Cover Up Led to More Victims by Author’s Ex Husband

We want to thank our friends at Hinterland Gazette for a thorough taking of this sex scandal detailed in a Ingrid Michelle’s book “Life After The Down Low”.  Apparently, there is much more detailed from the sex scandal that didn’t end at the Bishop’s church but found its way from the Los Angeles, Ca area to the Oakland Bay Area. Since many pastors are good at hiding and covering scandal until it bursts at the seams, this is why the culprits can move forward and prey on more innocent children. There’s a true lesson in the story/interview you will hear that saddens many but it is high time people start dealing with scandal in the church and reporting it to the authorities. We pray this book helps everyone who puts their hands on it.

Thank you Ingrid Michelle for being bold and courageous in telling of the truth about the down low in the church.

The Hinterland Gazette has published another part to the earlier report below:

Troyvoi Hicks, central figure in the book LIFE AFTER THE DOWN LOW, written by his ex-wife – Ingrid Michelle – was never reported to authorities when substantiated allegations of his molesting young parishioners at the Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA – Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Pastor – was revealed to its leadership.

Instead of the Church Leadership ensuring the protection of its young children by contacting the proper legal authorities – the Youth Pastors and others embroiled in this sex scandal – were allowed to leave the congregation of their own free will and without any form of monitoring.

In an earlier report, it was stated that Troyvoi Hicks left Faithful Center following a $200,000 to $300,000 settlement paid out to the family of an accuser. However, many other accusers – also former attendees of Faithful Central – were never granted that same justice or opportunity to address the aftermath resulting from the cover up of sex scandals of which they were also involved.

In an interview with Mr. Hicks, he acknowledged that homosexuality was wrong and that it took him “2 years to come to the understanding that he needed to take responsibility for his actions.” Although this may be factual, the travesty remains that Hicks was never held responsible for those actions by any legal authority. He credits his life change to the LIVING WATERS ministries in Southern California. Still those life changes are questioned by some as he openly displays photos of his “two sons” on one prominent social network website.

It has been reported that Mr. Hicks is father to one adopted son – who is now in the custody of his ex-wife – and another “play son” by the name of DeAndre West – who is currently rumored to be living with him.

Following Hick’s departure from Faithful Central he took up residence in Oakland, CA where he was employed at Lionel Wilson College Preparatory School; apart of the Aspire Public Schools system. During his employment it was discovered that Hicks had committed improprieties there as well, and those also relating to child pornography.

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