Was There Bias in Lexi’s Interview with Bishop O.C. Allen?

oc allen and lexi

Was There Bias in Lexi’s Interview with Bishop O.C. Allen?

We couldn’t help but notice that the very recent interview Lexi had with Bishop O.C. Allen was very different than others she’s done on the subject of the church and homosexuality. We would like to address the one she did with former gospel singer Tonex’.

We want to say we love the fact that Lexi had her interview with Tonex’ because her show allowed us to see a side of him that many may not have seen or known. Her venue allowed us to explore the world of Tonex’ and his hurts and pains. We can appreciate Tonex’s honesty yet being open and willing to address the hard questions.

If you have seen Lexi’s interview with Tonex’ in 2009, you’d know that she had total control over this interview. What we mean is: She had control over this interview as a host who had planned questions and actually tackled the issues she knew her audience wanted to know. She knew to address the issues of sexuality, career path, family issues and his position in the church. This was absolutely addressed and she allowed Tonex’ to speak his mind but she definitely rebuked him in some ways which we would expect. You could tell from her tone, her facial expressions and frankly her obvious frustration with  his life, that she did not agree with his current lifestyle.

Now, with that being said, we have to ask: What happened to the tough questions being addressed to Bishop O.C. Allen and his ministry? For those of you who don’t know, Bishop O.C. Allen is the pastor of The Vision Church of Atlanta which is known to welcome all people including gays, lesbians and transgender individuals. The interview was, we believe in the Bishop’s church and several people were given an opportunity to speak on their experiences being apart of the church.

Many know that O.C. Allen’s church strikes a chord amongst Christians that do not believe in his openness as a gay man, his partnership with a man and the same for his congregants. But our issue with this interview Lexi had with them is that there was no rebuke addressed at all. It was a very easy going interview amongst all parties and the questions addressed were so, in our opinion, ‘comfortable’ that our staff thought it was a PR briefing. Literally, there were no tough questions addressed and more importantly, there was no mention of Bishop O.C. Allen’s sin as a gay man in a homosexual relationship and as an overseer of a church. It was stated on the show that the ‘First Gentleman’ Rashad made it known that he was uncomfortable with the idea of an interview and did not want to hurt the ministry. We are not sure what exactly he meant because the ministry, quite frankly, is already labeled and very controversial.

Maybe its just us, but as Lexi’s show is Christian based, we thought those issues would be addressed but to no avail. It was bothersome in our spirits that the members, staff and bishop of this church were able to walk away feeling comfortable, proud and at ease with the way they are living and the impact it has on others. It also bothered us that it almost felt like the interview was geared toward condoning the lifestyles in some way.

So, our point in comparing interviews with Bishop O.C. Allen and Tonex’ is this: We would have hoped the interview would have carried more weight regarding some conviction of the homosexual lifestyle and the bringing in of lost souls who now feel they are Christian but can be gay, transgender or what have you.

What happened in the last two years that the Lexi Show found more lenience with VOAC with O.C. Allen then it showed in the interview with Tonex’? Was there some difference in the two parties that it could not be addressed with the same vision to uphold God’s word? We noticed at the end of part three interview with Tonex’, Lexi actually offered a disclaimer where she thanked Tonex’ but believed God only condones relations with man and woman. This was not offered at the end of the video with Bishop O.C. Allen and his ‘First’ Gentleman’ Rashad. We didn’t see any difference in the issues as both cases were up for discussion in the areas of the church, sin, homosexuality and ministry.

We truly pray that for those venues that want to tackle the tough issues in the church, that they will do so with the same beliefs and with a non bias position in order to truly show a difference in what is righteous and what is not.