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Tyler Perry Exposed in New Book for Drug Connections and His Past Production Benefactor

'Never Would Have Made It' book Ousts Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Exposed in New Book for Drug Connections and His Past Production Benefactor

Reports state super famous Tyler Perry was allegedly involved in some shady business- so says his former production benefactor who said he discovered Tyler Perry. We had just recently reported how we hoped his heart felt open letter to one of Penn State’s accuser was genuine. Well, it could have been but how much of this author’s book is true and genuine into the life of a man who claimed he lived in cars and was homeless all the while putting together plays. We used to get those personal emails from Perry back in the day and he explained in bits and pieces how he made it. It will be interesting to read the book and see how what he said about himself matches with this book’s account.

Read the report below:

A man from Perry’s past has stepped forward claiming that the writer-director-producer didn’t achieve his status alone. And that he didn’t do it honestly.

In his new memoir, Never Would Have Made It: The Rise of Tyler Perry, the Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America (And What It Really Took to Get Him There), Melvin Childs, a self-described former radio executive, claims Perry’s growth was significantly dependent on his early investment in him.

Childs also makes the shocking charge that Perry used “risky deals with drug dealers, couriers carrying large bags of cash across the country; backstabbing and double-dealing with corrupt promoters,” plus other illicit means to fund his early work according to the book’s press release.

Childs alleges that he helped discover a then unknown Perry. Childs invested in Perry by putting up the money for his production of I Know I’ve Been Changed at Atlanta’s House of Blues — a turning point in the star’s career. Those sold-out shows led to Tyler Perry’s first successful national tour, which were allegedly also made possible through Childs’ money and connections. Childs says he supported the then-struggling star by providing for Perry’s basic living expenses at that time.

Childs acknowledges a fair amount of resentment towards Tyler Perry before reaching his current place of peace. On his website promoting the book, excerpts show that Childs lamented feeling disregarded by Perry for some time after having been his prime benefactor. Childs writes in Never Would Have Made It:

Was I just a promoter when you came to me for a loan because you didn’t have the money to pay your cast? Was I just a promoter when you called me to borrow money to buy food or when I personally paid for the hotel you were living in while you were supposedly homeless? Maybe I was and if that’s the case, then so be it. But guess what? Regardless of what he wants to call me, I was there. And because I was there, I also have a story to tell.