Black Atheists Say ‘Coming Out’ is Difficult Because of The Black Struggle

Black Atheists

Black Atheists Say ‘Coming Out’ is Difficult Because of The Black Struggle

This subject is totally beyond me. We really don’t know how people can even put race and atheism together. As far as I am concerned, if you don’t believe in God (Jesus) than it doesn’t matter what race you are. Heaven and hell does not discriminate when it comes to who shall enter and who shall not. Though we live on a planet that constantly judges and uses race to pathetically discriminate against one another, God does not work like this. He created us exactly the way He wanted us and being black and atheist will ultimately lead you to the same place as being a white atheist. So, for black atheists to ‘celebrate’ or rally for support in this area, is not only ludicrous but blasphemous.

Read report below:

Washington resident Ronnelle Adams first told his grandmother he was gay—and later revealed his atheism. “She was distraught,” he says. “She told me she was more bothered by that than the revelation I was gay.”

Two years ago Adams founded a Facebook group called “Black Atheists,” which has grown to 879 members. There are also black atheist meet-up groups in cities like New York, Houston, and Atlanta. But the movement is running against two powerful perceptions: that “not believing in God is seen as a thing for white people,” as one black atheist put it, and the idea that religious belief fueled the civil rights movement. True, churches were the only all-black refuges during Jim Crow, “but the story that gets told is, ‘Jesus delivered us,’ ” says one journalist. “Frankly, it was humans who did all the work.” [Source]

Wow! So, can he tell us how blacks received the strength to get through slavery and Jim Crow? Was it upon their own power or did they receive it from God? In my opinion, atheists black, white or what have you, are rebellious and do not want to give a ‘higher’ being create for their blessings. Atheists have been described as being able to do all by themselves without the help of God who created them. Atheism is a pure act of selfishness and an unwillingness to submit to the Almighty authority.

Watch this short video below of how this woman calls God- “Sky Daddy”. Total disrespect.

I used to work with a woman who didn’t call herself an atheist but she did not believe in God. She used the excuse that she did not see God doing anything for people but people achieving things on their own. She tried to blasphemy God in my presence and my co workers. By my being a Christian, I had to rebuke her and tell her we are at work and you can keep your beliefs to yourself. We learned to respect one another after this but I made clear to uphold my beliefs around her even though I knew her beliefs. I’m not sure what ever happened to her but I do pray she has found Jesus to be exactly as He is: A kind and loving God who will be there for us if we submit to Him. I pray this for all atheists as well that they come to realize that Satan has fooled them into thinking God doesn’t exist or is unimportant. May touch their lives and make them whole.