Lexi Show Interviews Gay Affirming Bishop O.C. Allen and Gay Partner The First Gent

oc allen and lexi

Lexi Show Interviews Gay Affirming Bishop O.C. Allen and Gay Partner The First Gent

This interview was just uploaded and it was Lexi interviewing Bishop O.C. Allen of Vision Church of Atlanta and including his gay lover whom they call ‘The First Gentleman” Rashad Burgess. Though the Bishop was comfortable with Lexi conducting the interview, the Burgess was worried about her coming. Apparently all of the blood, sweat and tears he and O.C. Allen put into building a church community for all kinds of people including gays, he did not want it to be ‘attacked’ by her ‘good will’ in the interview.

Bishop OC Allen on The Lexi Show

The interview consists of brief statements from people on the church staff and others as well. BTW, Bishop O.C. Allen does not want to be considered a ‘gay or gay affirming’ church, because he says that is not his lane. Interesting.

Bishop O.C. Allen's 'first man"

Check out the interviews in two parts and let us know what you feel about this kind of church and their beliefs.

Watch Part 1 below:

Watch Part 2 below:

AT2W’s Take: We think ministry is supposed to be wholeheartedly for allowing all and any people into the church. We should not discriminate against others and should understand and love them. Now, with that being said, we believe in truth and real truth. We can’t have ministry and not understand the whole word and the whole truth of the Bible. We can never embrace people, regardless of who or what they are in ministry, without dealing the whole truth. We believe that embracing a homosexual without stating the lifestyle is a sin, then the ministry is not being true in God’s eyes.

In our opinion, churches like The Vision Church of Atlanta basically condones sin. Point blank. The minister is a homosexual as his partner is the same and many others in the church are also. Its a huge celebration of ‘we are what we are and others can be too’. The problem with this is the pastor is in sin and condones the sin of others which is naturally their way of thinking without calling it sin.

We do believe the church may show love and acceptance to many people, but the tragedy is not dealing with God’s real truth.