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What Christians Can Learn from Tyler Perry’s Show ‘For Better or Worse’ Reviews

Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse sitcom

Tyler Perry’s New ‘For Better or Worse’ Sitcom Get Mixed Reviews

We want to thank the Christian Post for getting some of the reviews up about Tyler Perry’s new sitcom “For Better or Worse”. To tell you the truth, we are not surprised at the response received on the negative side and we will share our take on them at the end:

The television adaption of Tyler Perry‘s film “Why Did I Get Married?” debuted on TBS Friday night with the title “For Better or Worse” and some of those who tuned in expressed disappointment with the poor quality of the show, while others applauded Perry for another great sitcom.

“For Better or Worse,” described by TBS as a series that “centers around two of Perry’s favorite characters from the big screen, Marcus and Angela,” is either a hit or a complete dud based on comments from viewers who went online to offer feedback on the new show.

  • “This new Tyler Perry show is terrible,” wrote Gregory Epperson from Twitter.
  • “This ‘For Better or Worse’ Tyler Perry show isn’t all that exciting. They should have live audience.” wrote Tonicia Devine.
  •  “The new Tyler Perry show needs an audience laughing in the background…I think then it would be less awkward…?” wrote Kayla Davis from Twitter.
  • “Very disappointing. It seems more like a play than a sitcom. I expected more from Marcus and Angela. The acting seems very wooden and flat. No real emotion. This would definitely benefit from either a live audience or laugh track. Not what I expect from Tyler Perry!” wrote Monica.
  • “Watching the show now and have to say I’m disappointed in the show. Too much cussing and thought it was inappropriate for a children to speak to adults the way they did.” wrote Randolph.
  • “My grandma likes all these Tyler Perry shows. That is his audience right there…” wrote Trice Stevenson.

And here are a few positive reviews of the show below:

  • “That new tyler perry show is kinda funny,” tweeted Moneisha Cooper.
  • “Great Show by Tyler Perry! For Better or Worst was good…looking forward to next Friday!” wrote Candace Shearins
  • “Awesome Show, I look forward to watching it every Friday night. Great cast.” wrote Peggy Underwood from “For Better of Worse” Facebook fan page.

So, there you have some of the mixed reviews on Tyler Perry’s new sitcom. We, personally, did not watch and will not unless alerted to something worth writing about. While we have no viewing opinion on the show, we can only say that Tyler Perry, according to these reviews, just put this show together. He saw how his audience’s response to Marcus and Angela in the movie “Why Did I Get Married” parts one and two and ran with the idea that a show would be interesting. How does a single man like Tyler Perry, become a relationship expert on marriage anyway? Is he getting expert advice from professionals to deal with the issues in marriage for the show?

Also, back in the day, when Tyler Perry wouldn’t dare have profanity in his work, from these reviews, it did state there was too much profanity on this show. Most Christians who followed Perry from the beginning appreciated the family friendly Christian values he seemingly stood for but it appears those days are long gone along with his Christian values.

The bottom line is this: Tyler Perry became super famous and respected by many black Christian men and women, (mostly women). They have carried him to the top and most of them did so because they believed in him. But now that he is worth nearly $1 billion dollars, he appears to have left a bitter taste in some of his fans’ mouths. No one can say they didn’t see this coming, right? Let’s not forget- he is best friends with Oprah, the alleged ‘Jesus basher’ who thinks there’s more than one way to God. She even rebuked a woman who disagreed with her and said “Jesus? What about Jesus”. If that’s not hate against the man that has allowed her to be successful, then we don’t know what is.

Tyler Perry’s relationship with Oprah is enough to tell the world and his fans that he is no longer the “Christian” they thought he was. The only thing to do is NOT watch the show or any of his other shows and plays. He can’t remain super rich if people stop supporting him.

But here’s a serious question for his Christian fans: Is Tyler Perry more important than following Jesus? One of our writers abandoned him years ago for the same reasons. If she and many others can see through Perry, why can’t others do the same?