Once Missing Teen Chioma Gray States Abductor is Her Husband, Andrew Tafoya

Chioma Gray and Andrew Joshua Tafoya

Once Missing Teen Chioma Gray States Abductor is Her Husband, Andrew Tafoya

We knew this case would end up a story about two young people running off to Mexico together. We don’t know all the details but the girl is now stating she wants to communicate with her husband, accused underage child stealer Andrew Joshua Tafoya. We pray the family can have some closure from the long time search and pain from their missing teen and that she can get many issues dealt with in her life today.

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The man accused of taking an underage to Mexico took several new turns Thursday when he pleaded guilty and she asked the court for permission to visit him in custody, calling him her husband.

Andrew Joshua Tafoya, 24, withdrew his previous not-guilty plea and pleaded guilty to one count of felony child stealing.

Tafoya also admitted a probation violation that apparently stemmed from an earlier case in which he was charged with unlawful sex with a minor, Chioma Gray. He was later accused of taking her to Mexico.

His plea was part of a deal in which he will spend no more than three years prison. Tafoya is set to be sentenced Jan. 23.

After Tafoya entered his plea, the young woman Chioma Gray made a statement to the court in and identified herself as Chioma Tafoya, the defendant’s wife She asked for a protective order to be lifted so she could visit her husband and communicate with him in custody. Consequently, the court complied with her request and lifted the order over the objection of the prosecution.

Her mother, Francine Black, issued a statement through her lawyer after the hearing, stating her daughter has Stockholm syndrome, which she claimed was tied to a baby boy Chioma has by Tafoya. Alleging the child was “being concealed,” Black’s statement also criticized the handling of the case by the FBI, the county District Attorney’s Office and the county Probation Agency.

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