Once Missing Teen Chioma Gray States Abductor is Her Husband, Andrew Tafoya

Chioma Gray and Andrew Joshua Tafoya

Once Missing Teen Chioma Gray States Abductor is Her Husband, Andrew Tafoya

We knew this case would end up a story about two young people running off to Mexico together. We don’t know all the details but the girl is now stating she wants to communicate with her husband, accused underage child stealer Andrew Joshua Tafoya. We pray the family can have some closure from the long time search and pain from their missing teen and that she can get many issues dealt with in her life today.

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The man accused of taking an underage to Mexico took several new turns Thursday when he pleaded guilty and she asked the court for permission to visit him in custody, calling him her husband.

Andrew Joshua Tafoya, 24, withdrew his previous not-guilty plea and pleaded guilty to one count of felony child stealing.

Tafoya also admitted a probation violation that apparently stemmed from an earlier case in which he was charged with unlawful sex with a minor, Chioma Gray. He was later accused of taking her to Mexico.

His plea was part of a deal in which he will spend no more than three years prison. Tafoya is set to be sentenced Jan. 23.

After Tafoya entered his plea, the young woman Chioma Gray made a statement to the court in and identified herself as Chioma Tafoya, the defendant’s wife She asked for a protective order to be lifted so she could visit her husband and communicate with him in custody. Consequently, the court complied with her request and lifted the order over the objection of the prosecution.

Her mother, Francine Black, issued a statement through her lawyer after the hearing, stating her daughter has Stockholm syndrome, which she claimed was tied to a baby boy Chioma has by Tafoya. Alleging the child was “being concealed,” Black’s statement also criticized the handling of the case by the FBI, the county District Attorney’s Office and the county Probation Agency.

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8 Responses to “Once Missing Teen Chioma Gray States Abductor is Her Husband, Andrew Tafoya”

  1. LeAnne Vigil says:

    Im sorry but i think the mother should hold some responsibility for not knowing what her teenage daughter was upto during all this! The bible does say to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it, saving that they were Christians in the first place.

  2. sara says:

    Her mother did know what she was doing. That is why Chioma ran away. Her mother called the cops on Andrew and sent him to jail. Chioma ditched school one day and they disappeared. They are Christians and they raised their children well. Her mother was only trying to protect her.

  3. mendi says:

    I think the mother was a big part of the problem… and still is, actually. Stockholm syndrome, really? The girl loves him and she did long b4 they ever went to Mexico so that argument is nil. The mother seems to be out to blame everyone but herself. She’s overbearing and controlling and obviously lashes out when things don’t go the way she likes. What this article and I’D channel fails to mention is thru all her mother’s vengeance and law mongering, Chimona moved in with Tafoyas parents! Who can blame her?

  4. AKIR says:

    I can understand what people are saying about her mother BUT trust me, no parent would ever be happy and supportive about their 14 year old CHILD having a relationship with a 20 year old adult. I don’t know about you people but I’ve changed A LOT from the age of 14 to 20! I still played with babies then! Give the woman a break. It would devastate me if my little girl was having sex at 14. That’s Waayyyy too young.

  5. AT2W Staff says:

    We don’t understand your comment. There is nothing in the article that suggests we judged the mother and also the story was quoted by the source of reference not us.

  6. Anne says:

    Whether 14 or not, ds girl already has a mind of her own n she knows what she wants. Instead of pressing charges, her mother should have just be concerned about who her guy really is. If I were her, I would stop pressing charges n rather be grateful to God and d guy that she is back safe and sound. He could have harmed her.

  7. Donald says:

    The mother is a NUTCASE, period. Chioma’s mother is delusional and needs to get a life or a man, or both! I mean, Stockholm Syndrome?? Why is this story even on “Disappeared”?? That episode could’ve been saved for a story that mattered. That woman is crazy.

  8. Sabrina says:

    Just watched this episode on ID today… Definitely a very interesting case. I can say that as a mother myself, seeing how invested my daughter was in this relationship I would do all that I could to get to know the boyfriend and his family better. I agree that the daughter was extremely young and there was definitely a huge age difference between the two – but it is true that things need to be considered on a case by case basis. I have researched the case some more and have read accounts from people who knew both parties and their families. From all accounts, Josh was a good guy, not violent at all, and really seemed to care for Chioma. Chioma has been described numerous times as being mature for her age and a good girl. This is really a sad story and I think so much heartache could’ve been saved by a little understanding from all parties. I don’t doubt that Josh loves Chioma and that they ran off together willingly – but it was an EXTREMELY immature decision on his part. He had to have known the charges that would be brought up against him, the negative effects it would have on his relationship with Chiomas family, and how devastated and frightened Chiomas parents would be not knowing anything of her well being. The same goes for Chioma – despite any personal problems she may have had at home with her parents that caused her to want to run away – she should’ve considered how hurt they would be. And Josh’s parents were aiding and abetting the young couple. As a parent – I could never knowingly hide a child’s whereabouts from their parent (not unless I believed them to be in danger at home). Also as a mother of two daughters and a very headstrong woman myself (especially as a teenager), I believe that teenagers are their own persons and in many cases do know what they want. Chioma may be young and impressionable but no doubt she knows what sex is and repeatedly chose to continue her relationship with Josh. As parents, we shudder at the fact (13, 14 years old – SO YOUNG)! But the truth is that it is Chiomas body to do as she pleases. As a parent – I would want to get to know Josh as much as possible as well as his parents. I would strive to keep open communication with my daughter and educate her on birth control and why it is so important to prevent young pregnancy and to pursue an education. This whole situation could’ve been avoided had any of the following parties stopped being selfish and overly romantic – and actually thought of the other people the may affect. It really is a sad story. To this day, Chioma’s mother says she was and is brainwashed with Stockholm Syndrome. And Chioma has obviously returned to the states but married Josh and moved in with his parents. There is definitely more to the story than the one side we have been presented by ID and the media. I am aware of the laws of our country concerning consent and what constitutes an inappropriate relationship but I honestly believe each story should be looked at as a case by case basis. I pray for counseling and healing for everyone involved and that everyone can be reconciled and have a happy family.

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