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Watch Video: Church Music Should Not Disrespect God’s House, But Only Please God

Ken Hendrick, the music director of Good News Baptist Church in Chesapeake Virginia says he and his choir and orchestra are not doing songs to entertain and please people, but they are doing it for the Lord.   The senior pastor of this fine sanctuary, Pastor Walt Coles says in so many words, many people in their community leave the modern age churches to come to Good News Baptist Church, because they are looking for something real.

Good News Baptist Church is the type of church, we have been waiting to admit what we have been seeing today among the average church that welcomes hip hop gospel and christian rock is very wrong.   Enforcing worldly ways for Jesus Christ to accept in God’s House is nothing but blasphemy.

One of the positive things we noticed while watching certain shots at the Good News Baptist Church is this very fact, the young people seem so pure, which is different than most churches who are allowing them to become involved with what they call contemporary gospel: hip hop gospel and  christian rock.  The youth at Good News Baptist Church appeared to be attached to complete holiness and righteousness, which we do not see that appearance among a lot of today’s youth in contemporary churches.   In today’s modern age church, they appear to have a spirit of rebellion, which is what a few of our journalists allegedly had seen and witnessed when they use to attend Bishop Eddie Long’s ministry, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in AtlantaRead full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo courtesy and Source: USAToday.com