Former Personal Assistant to MJ Released New Book Detailing Jackson’s Drug Use


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Former Personal Assistant to MJ Released New Book Detailing Jackson’s Drug Use

It never fails to hear that everyone and anyone who could profit from Michael Jackson’s death would, but how much of their story is actually true?

We are sure there were many people who knew MJ and could not and would not speak against him while he was living for obvious reasons. Some of the people just may have information that they have held in secret until the appropriate time. We are not sure what the case is but is anyone surprised that people close to Michael Jackson would tell what they know now? Even his children, a report stated from Daily Mail, said they found their father passed out on the bathroom floor many times, allegedly from drugs.

Read report below:

A former personal assistant to the iconic pop star has a new book out and details when Jackson’s drug use started. Frank Cascio, who eventually befriended and even managed the star at one point, writes that he noticed Michael was taking Demerol in 1993 during the “Dangerous” world tour. Cascio claims Michael’s introduction to the drug came in 1984 following him burning his head during a Pepsi commercial shoot.

As for the anesthetic drug, Propofol, which ultimately took the singer’s life, Cascio says Jackson began using it as early as 1999. He alleges that the King of Pop was late to his 30th anniversary celebration because he was high on the drug.

Cascio noted that he spoke to Michael’s siblings about his drug use and they tried to approach Jackson about it in 2001. However, Michael “simply pushed them away.” Cascio says Michael ”died in his endless quest to attain some inner peace.”


Frank Cascio’s new book is My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man