Texas Mother and Son Still Missing and Authorities ‘Expect The Worst’ After 2 Month Search

Missing mother Lettie Fisher and Son, John Fisher Jr.

Texas Mother and Son Still Missing and Authorities ‘Expect The Worst’ After 2 Month Search

Please, let us pray for this mother and son and their safe return home. Their car was found which is not a good sign but let us keep hope for them.

Here’s the latest in the case:

Authorities are “expecting the worst” for a Tyler County mother and son missing for more than two months.

Lettie Fisher, 79 and her son John Fisher, Jr., 31 were last seen on Sept. 19 near their home before they were to go on a fishing trip. Three days later, their 1999 silver Toyota 4-Runner was found parked at Magnolia Ridge Park.

Craig Finegan from the Polk County sheriff’s department said that on Wednesday, Tyler County authorities broadened the search of the park.

So far, investigators have come up with a rough timeline of where the pair was last seen.

On the morning of Sept. 19, the Fishers were seen at a Lufkin hospital where the mother had a doctor’s appointment. Around 12:30 p.m., a neighbor saw the son driving in their SUV near their home and about an hour later, security surveillance video showed the vehicle turning onto a road leading into the park. It is unclear who was driving the vehicle in the surveillance footage, said Finegan.

***Anyone with more information on the whereabouts of the two are asked to called the Tyler Sherriff’s department at 409-283-2172 or the Polk’s Sherriff’s department at 936-327-6810.

Lettie Fisher's 4 Runner Found and she and son are missing

Lettie Fisher's 4 Runner Found, Missing mother and son not found yet

UPDATE on Nov. 11: Deer season began on Saturday, and local forests have been saturated by hunters. With that in mind, Detective Craig Flannigan with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department has made an appeal to deer hunters to keep an eye out for clues in the case of a missing woman and her son. [source]


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